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Louis Vuitton Belt Bags for Women

Louis Vuitton Belt Bags & Fanny Packs to Complement Your Christmas Outfit

Christmas is around the corner and who wouldn’t want designer fanny packs that will complement multiple outfits? With the Black Friday deals running on eBay, now is the time to get one or more Louis Vuitton fanny packs. You can wear these bags around the waist or chest, and use them to carry your makeup, smartphone, cash cards, and other such everyday essentials. Carry them to your Christmas brunch or a Christmas party with friends. Select from an array of colors, styles, designs, materials, prints, and patterns to suit your personal style. Buy new or pre-owned Louis Vuitton women’s fanny packs to add to your accessory collection.

Choosing the right Louis Vuitton belt bag

Louis Vuitton has released several lines of new casual-chic bumbags you can dress up or down. Although they're made for comfort and functionality, LV belt bags offer a more sophisticated look than a traditional fanny pack. Keep these aspects in mind as you look for available Louis Vuitton belt bag eBay styles:

  • Capacity - How many items do you carry on a typical day and how large are they? Some Louis Vuitton waist bag styles, such as the Giant/Mini Monogram line, offer a slightly larger or smaller compartment.
  • Fabric - Many Louis Vuitton waist bags are made of coated canvas or calf leather. The coated canvas is treated with PVC for durability.
  • Print/Design - Is your personal style more flashy or understated? If you like people to know what brand you're wearing, choose designs with well-known Louis Vuitton patterns, such as the classic monogram print or the Damier checkerboard print. Louis Vuitton also makes simpler designs in solid colors, such as the quilted New Wave bumbag line. Although the brand tends to use neutral color palettes, there are a few bumbag lines that include bright hues.
What are some additional features to consider?

If you value versatility, there are three main design features to consider:

  • The strap - An adjustable strap is a staple on most Louis Vuitton bumbags. The flexible sizing provides a comfortable fit for a variety of body types and allows you to wear your accessory as a waist or crossbody bag. Also decide whether you want the option to remove the strap altogether. A few select Louis Vuitton bum bag lines, such as the Dauphine, are meant to double as a clutch.
  • Extra pockets - When you prefer to keep IDs or credit cards in a separate compartment, look for bags that include an additional zippered pocket, such as the Bosphore line.
  • Lining material - Just as the exterior material is important to consider, so too is the interior lining worth considering. Choices include cotton, microfiber, and canvas, and each has different care and maintenance requirements.
What to look for when buying a used designer bag

When you're searching for a used Louis Vuitton belt bag on eBay, know that all Louis Vuitton waist bags have a leather patch that shows where the bag was made. Bags also include monogrammed hardware and a date code to identify when the product entered circulation. The abbreviation in the date code should match the country of origin. See the manufacturer site for product details and photos for help with authentication.

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