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MAGURA Bicycle Brake Pads

Based in Germany, MAGURA manufactures bike performance equipment, including brakes, brake sets, handlebars, and other bike-related equipment. The company produces equipment under its Gravity Series, Trail Series, Competition Series, and Speed eMobility Series performance line.

Are all brake pads exactly the same?

While bike padding is certainly similar across the board, there are some major differences to watch for to make sure the pads fit your bicycle. For example, disc brakes have a distinct shape from cantilever brakes. Here are some of the most important differences to think about:

  • Shape: Every company makes the shape of their padding slightly different. This is mostly for engineering reasons. Each company has designed its brake pads to work efficiently for a certain bicycle. Find the shape that fits your bicycle before purchasing.
  • Material: Some padding is simply meant for flat-road coasting while other types are meant for heavy-duty downhill mountain biking and disc brakes. MAGURA's choices range across both types.
  • Type: Knowing the type of braking system your bike uses is absolutely essential. Disc and cantilevered are just two of the many unique braking systems bikes have. Paired with information on the shape of your stopping system, this knowledge of your braking type will let you pick the appropriate replacement for your bicycle.
How do you change your bicycle's brake pads?

How you change your padding depends on the type of system you have. If you have a hydraulic system, your changing method will be different than if you own a wire-based mechanical system. Nevertheless, there are a few steps that you should always take to ensure everything will be installed correctly:

Step 1: Undo the quick release on your braking system. This is usually a lever or nut that you can turn easily with your hand. Undoing it allows you to take the brake apart.

Step 2: Unscrew any screws or bolts that attach the padding to the braking system.

Step 3: Consult your manual for bike-specific information.

What material should your padding be made of?

There are a variety of alloys and materials to chose from. However, there are a few materials to keep in mind for optimal braking:

Ceramic fiber: Ceramic manages heat for high-performance bicycles. These are normally found on disc brake-type bicycles.

Kevlar fiber: Kevlar, also generally found on disc brake systems, is more responsive than ceramic but tends to wear slightly faster.

Organic materials: Some pads, like those from MAGURA, have organic mixtures of materials.

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