Forum Novelties Clothing for Men

Forum Novelties has a broad range of costumes and clothing for adults and children. They also have many types of costume accessories, decor, and other items allowing people to put on a party. If you are considering men's clothing for a holiday party, costume accessories, or decorations, then you may have some questions.

What type of Forum Novelties clothing and accessories are available?

Forum Novelties clothing for men offers a variety of holiday clothing and accessories including:

  • Mardi Gras: Skull beads, capes, hats, and costumes are all available to celebrate the February or March holiday.
  • Day of the Dead: A variety of half-masks are available from colorful to black and white. The Day of the Dead half-masks are available for the October to November holiday.
  • Saint Patrick's Day: Costumes, beards, and accessories are available to celebrate the March holiday.
  • Halloween: Costumes, wigs, makeup, hats, weapons, masks, and many other items are available to celebrate the October holiday.
  • New Year's Eve: Glasses, hats, ties, and beads are available for celebrating the end-of-the-year holiday.
  • Thanksgiving: Costumes, ties, and hats are available for celebrating the November holiday.
What type of party clothing and supplies are available?

Forum Novelties has supplies like costumes, accessories, decor, and games for many different types of parties including:

  • Over the Hill: From backward watches to walking sticks, the company offers a variety of men's clothing accessories for an over-the-hill party.
  • Zombie: Masks, costumes, T-shirts, and more are available for a zombie apocalypse party.
  • Medieval Fantasy: Hats, facial hair, costumes, helmets, and more are available for a medieval party.
  • Horror: Alien headpieces, masks, costumes, and more are available for a horror party.
  • Oktoberfest: Hats, glasses, costumes, necklaces, and more are available for an Oktoberfest party.
  • Luau: Aprons, leis, and more are available for a luau.
  • Patriotic: Costumes, masks, disguises, hats, glasses, and more are available for a patriotic party.
What are some Forum Novelties licensed character costumes and supplies?

Men may want to consider dressing up as their favorite licensed character. Forum Novelties offers a variety of men's clothing featuring:

  • American Horror Story
  • Annoying Orange
  • Brickleberry
  • Cheech & Chong
  • Freddy Krueger
  • Jason Voorhees
  • Lil Orphan Annie
  • Rocky Mountain Picture Show
Does Forum Novelties make any ugly Christmas sweaters?

Yes, Forum Novelties makes a variety of ugly Christmas sweaters. While some shows Santa in compromised positions, others feature other holiday symbols like golden bells, fruit cakes, Christmas stockings, and candy canes. Many different colors are available. These sweaters are available in a variety of sizes allowing men to choose the one that fits them best.

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