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Men's Parka Coats and Jackets

Since a coat lasts longer than one season, choosing a new one is an important decision. Style and functionality are the main considerations involved in your choice. If staying warm is the priority, a hooded parka is most appropriate, but in milder conditions, design might play a bigger role in a lighter jacket.

What is the difference between a parka and a jacket?

A jacket usually extends beyond the waist and stops shortly thereafter, but a parka extends down to mid-thigh or lower. Even though both types of coats are appropriate for winter with a thick lining and hood, parkas trap more heat and are generally preferred for extremely cold temperatures.

How can you tell if a coat fits correctly?

Whether a jacket or parka, a coat needs to be the right size in the shoulders and the chest. This means that it is not too snug when reaching both arms across the chest. Sleeve length also matters, and in a properly-fitting coat, the wrists will remain covered when your arms are held straight in front. Also, regardless of the particular jacket's style, it needs to be long enough to keep the belt-line covered with your arms straight up. Finally, for hooded jackets and parkas, the hood needs to completely cover the head.

How do you choose a jacket or parka?

Color is one of the first things a person chooses when purchasing a coat. Many people choose a neutral color like black or brown. Aside from ensuring that the jacket is the appropriate color and size, there are a few other things to consider.

  • Hood: Hooded jackets and parkas trap warmth more effectively.
  • Fasteners: A sturdy zipper, Velcro, buttons, or snaps is essential to keeping out the cold.
  • Material: There are many options for both internal and external fabrics and fillers. From a heavy black parka with goose-down fill to a slick, yellow Thinsulate jacket, matching insulation to the particular climate is essential.
  • Pockets: It is not important to have warm, reachable pockets to keep your hands warm. Many coats include cell phone pockets or places to store a wallet or keys.
What types of fur are used on men's coats?

While men do not often wear completely fur coats, many coats include a lining or trim to add insulation and style to the body of the jacket. Parka hoods also frequently use fur to keep your head warm. Specific attributes are unique to certain types of furs, including:

  • Mink fur: This is the most popular due to its silky and lightweight quality, used for both formal and casual outerwear.
  • Beaver fur: This is extremely warm and sturdy, resistant to the elements, and often dyed white, dark brown, or black.
  • Faux fur: This option is made from synthetic fibers and can be dyed any color from black to white. It is often favored for ethical and environmental reasons.