Men's Windbreaker Coats, Jackets & Vests

Mens Windbreaker Coats and Jackets

When the wind starts picking up in the fall or spring and temperatures begin to fall, you know its time to bring out the jacket. Windbreaker coats and jackets help trap in your body heat even when the wind is biting enough to whisk that heat away. Modern technology has advanced enough to make these windbreaker jackets water-resistant, heat-retaining, and lightweight enough to comfortably wear for long periods of time.

What materials are used in windbreaker coats and jackets?

Windbreaker jackets are generally constructed from a single layer of fabric. This fabric is usually a complex hybrid of multiple materials, designed to be both heat-retaining and wind-resistant. Some jackets will also have specific mesh areas in the back to help circulate heat and cold in order to equalize the bodys temperature when performing a high-intensity activity. Here are a few of the materials and textures that good windbreaker jackets are made from.

  • Nylon: A common jacket material, nylon is a highly water-resistant and wind-proof material. However, this material does not have high heat-retention. When woven with other materials these jackets can be used at all temperatures.
  • Tricot: Tricot is a heavy material great for resisting cold temperatures. It is by far the most heat-retaining of all windbreaker materials but is not highly water resistant.
  • Micro Polyester: Among the newer materials to emerge in the windbreaker scene, micro polyester is a hybrid form of polyester that utilizes closer weaving of the fibers. Its extremely light while still managing to maintain good wind-cutting qualities.
What kinds of windbreakers are there?

Jackets come in many forms and shapes, ranging from bulky full-size jackets to diminutive coats. There are a few common types to look for.

  • Button-up jacket: One of the more common forms of windbreaker is the button-up jacket. These have a row of buttons up the front and no zipper. This ensures that the jackets front has no spots for wind to slip through.
  • Pullover: This windbreaker jacket acts somewhat like a sweater or hoodie but doesnt weigh as much or use as much material. A pullover jacket will generally have an inner lining of mesh or cloth to add some extra warmth.
  • Zip-up coat: High-end jackets will sometimes feature a zipper underneath a Velcro or button-up flap. This double layer of zip and button allows for more strenuous activities to take place without any worry for the jacket unzipping.