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About Microsoft Surface RT
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Microsoft Surface RT Tablet / eReader
Microsoft Surface RT
Internal Storage
32/64 GB
1.3 GHz Quad-core
2 GB
Rear Camera
1.2 MP
Front Camera
1.2 MP
Operating System
Windows RT
Battery Capacity
8 hours
Microsoft Surface RT Tablets & eReaders

Microsoft Surface RT Tablets

The first-generation Microsoft Surface RT tablet was released in October 2012. The Surface tablet was designed to be a hybrid between a tablet and a computer. Here is some information to keep in mind if you are planning on buying a Microsoft Surface tablet.

What is the screen size of the Surface RT tablet?

The Surface tablet screen includes two important factors: size and resolution. The screen size of the Surface ranges from 5 to 12 inches. The resolution tells you the amount of viewable, Windows 8 desktop space that is available. A higher resolution is designed to make an image to appear sharper. A high resolution is designed to make the icons on the desktop and words appear smaller in Windows 8.

Does the Microsoft Surface tablet have cameras?

Cameras are positioned either on the front or back side of a Microsoft Surface. However, some have both cameras installed. The front camera is intended to be used as a webcam, and the back one is designed to be used as a normal, digital camera. Remember to check the resolution of any cameras on the Surface RT.

What is the storage capacity on the Surface RT?

The amount of disk space depends on the number of files and programs that are installed on the Surface RT. While most tablets contain 16 GB to 64 GB of space, some, such as the Microsoft Surface Pro, come with up to 250 GB.

Does the Surface RT connect to the internet?

Internet connectivity can be achieved through ethernet ports, Wi-Fi, and cell phone networks. A Microsoft Surface with 4G access is the highest connection on a cell phone network. A 3G connection is slower. Wi-Fi options do not require a data plan to access the internet. An ethernet port is connected through USB, and Windows RT is designed to detect and install it.

How much RAM does the Surface have?

RAM is not designed to be replaced or upgraded on a Microsoft Surface. RAM impacts the speed of Microsoft applications and Windows RT. 8 GB of RAM is the starting point for RAM options. Microsoft tablets, like the Surface Pro, provide up to 16 GB of RAM.

Does the Surface RT come with Windows Operating System?

Different editions of Windows, such as Windows RT and Windows 8, are installed on Microsoft Surface devices. Microsoft provides many applications in tandem with their operating systems. All Microsoft systems are designed to detect your USB keyboard and mouse when they are plugged in.

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