Motocicleta & Scooter Body & Frame

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Motorcycle Body & Frame

A motorcycle frame is that part that combines performance, practicality, and style to a bike. Its a simple metal used to protect the engine, seat, and suspension. The following is a look at some of the questions that provide more insight about frames:

How do you check if a motorbike frame is straight?

Take a straight edge, and clamp it against the front tire. Move the steering gently until the straight edge touches the front edge of the rear wheel and measure the distance between the rear and the straight edge (about 10mm). Repeat the process on the other side of the motorcycle, and use chain tensioners to create a gap so that it is equal. Turn the adjustment bolts in equal turns to get the tension right. If the chain does not turn out after aligning the wheels, the frame build is straight.

How much does a motorcycle frame weigh?

Since motorcycle frames are made of different materials, they have varying weights. Most motorcycles still feature steel frames, though manufacturers are also using alternatives like aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and carbon-fiber to make the frames. Additionally, bikes have varying design parameters like stiffness, speed, complexity and power output, hence there is no ideal weight for a motorcycle frame. A 2000 version of Yamaha made of aluminum weighs 188 kilograms while the Honda model made of steel weighs 233 kilograms.

How do you get a title after buying a frame?

Depending on your area of residence you will need to obtain a bill of sale, engage an authority ,a cop for example, who will inspect the motorcycle and fill out a form and several other documents from your preferred insurance company. The issue is then handed over to the insurance company to conduct a thorough investigation to verify the state of the motorbike. If it is cleared off theft or other legal issues, the insurance company will provide a form that you will present to the tag office to issue a new title in your name. Be sure to research before committing to anything as different states have different laws. If you do buy a motorcycle frame keep all receipts and relevant documents.

What to frame sliders do?

Sliders reduce the impact on a motorbike by creating a barrier between the ground and its body in the event of a crash. They are particularly useful during low side crashes where the motorbike veers off the road and loses traction. Sliders are mounted on a bikes chassis, and depending on the bikes design, you will need a cut or uncut ones. As such, frame slider kits come with bolts that are longer than a regular engine mounting bolt.

Why stretch a motorbike?

Stretching is performed for aesthetic reasons. However, some riders extend a bike frame to alter its mechanical build. The motorbike goes faster during races without changing its horsepower; it merely develops the way the motorcycle interacts with the road. A lower stance enhances traction while reducing the power wasted and providing more power to propel the motorcycle forward.