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What to Look For In Motorola AT&T Cell Phones

Motorola cell phones are available with plans from AT&T. There is a wide selection to choose from and whether you just need a basic flip variety for making calls and sending text messages or a smarter device with premium features, there is something for everyone. They all come with a few different versions of the Android operating system to choose from, including the most recent.

What features are available on Motorola flip phones?

You can make local and long-distance calls with all Motorola AT&T flip phones as well as regular texting and instant messaging. Depending on whether they are from Motorola or Sprint, there might be apps installed on them such as a Notepad app and a Voice Recorder app. Some other features and apps might include:

  • A calculator
  • Local time and weather
  • Phone card games such as Solitaire
  • A calendar
What kinds of accessories are compatible with smartphones?

If you want your device to charge while you sleep, you can get a charging station. These can support a single device or multiple phones at once. There are also wireless charging pads available. Flash drives can be used when you have a cell phone that has a modest amount of storage available.

What features does the Moto Z from Motorola have?

The Moto Z family has some advanced smartphones available. One of the most innovative and sought-after features of them are the Moto Mods. These devices look similar to a phone covers but are much more. These Mods snap onto the back of the phones in this family and customizes them in various ways by:

  • Adding a high-quality speakerphone
  • Adding professional-level photography capabilities
  • Swapping the outer shell for different styles and colors
What operating systems are installed in Motorola AT&T smartphones?

You will find the Android 7 operating system on most Motorola At&T smartphones. Of course, this depends on the type and model you purchase. Some of them might have the Android 6 Marshmallow operating system. A cell phone by Sprint will have the same current Android operating systems.

What phones are available from Sprint?

If you want a cell phone with curved glass, the Galaxy Note 8 might be a good choice. Sprint also stocks water-resistant devices like the LG G6. Sprint offers the more economical Galaxy S8 and S8+. Although these Sprint phones are cheaper, they still have the lightning-fast Snapdragon processor.

The Moto X phones are some wireless devices to join the Project Fi Network, a wireless service from the Google company. This means they have the most innovative Android features available on them. Google Alexa is available and at your service right on these phones. Many Amazon apps come preinstalled on them.

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