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Communicate Easily with Motorola Nextel Phones

Cell phones are being used widely around the world to help people better communicate while on the go. Motorola Nextel devices offer many different types of phones that can be used for this very purpose.

What are some features of the Nextel Motorola?

Features of the Nextel Motorola mobile device include:

  • Messaging: The Nextel Motorola has three methods of messaging configured into its design. By using the email service, you are able to send business information and other messages to your friends and family. Another method for messaging that is included is the ability to send multimedia messages. This may include both photos and audio files. The last forms of messaging to be utilized on this phone are SMS and IM to send written text messages instantly from one phone to another.
  • Web browsing: Just like a smartphone, different carriers allow you to surf the internet from your device without having to pull out a full-size computer.
  • Bluetooth: This wireless device allows you to connect an external headset and mic for listening and taking calls hands-free over your network. You can also connect this cell phone, similar to a smartphone, to a separate device for answering calls and to access your music and video files.
Are these cell phones built to last outdoors?

Yes. Many cell phones offered by Motorola have a rugged design that can function in extreme conditions. The antenna is located on the inside of the phone for better storage. Some of the mobile devices also pass Military Specification 810F standards.

What are some other Nextel Motorola cell phone features?

Many Motorola cellular devices include:

  • Camera: A camera of varying megapixels comes included in many of the devices. Along with this, the cameras are usually equipped with a zoom and an onboard flash to help you take a good photo.
  • Hands-free talking::The addition of a speakerphone allows you to talk on the phone without having to hold the device in your hands. You can also accomplish this by using a Bluetooth headset to further assist you in holding a hands-free conversation.
  • MP3 capabilities: Many phones come equipped with an MP3 player. The MP3 player allows you to load your favorite songs onto the Motorola cellular device. You can then take those songs with you wherever you go and listen to them when you feel the urge to.
  • Walkie talkie: This feature has been included to allow users to communicate from one Nextel device to another. You can talk instantly to family and friends by use of the onboard walkie talkie.