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Timeless Movado Wristwatches for Women

Movado remains one of the most sought-after, collectible watch brands in the world. There are dozens of collections to consider as well as personal options like materials, color, movement, and special features like smart capabilities. Since this brand and its watches are timeless and durable, they're a favorite gift or collectible that transcends generations.

Are all of the single-dot models considered Movado Museum watches?

No, they are not. Diversify your collection of Movado wristwatches for women with other types that have similar visual qualities. The single dot at 12 symbolizes the sun at high noon. The iconic Bauhaus-inspired design by Nathan George Hewitt is part of the Metropolitan Museum of Art's permanent design collection. As such, it reappears on a great many Movado watches from other collections including:

  • Movado Bold
  • Movado Esperanza
  • Movado Delphino
  • Movado Red Label
  • Assorted Movado bangles with diamonds
Which Movado watches contain diamonds and where are they situated?

The solid dot situated at 12 on Movado Museum watches is often a diamond or a Swarovski crystal. The Movado Bold, Movado Bellina, and the Movado Esperanza collections also incorporate diamond dots in the 12 o'clock position. Some models, like the Movado Rondiro, contain diamond or Swarovski crystal elements along the bezel for decoration or on the actual dial to denote the hours.

What are the classic features of Movado wristwatches for women?

The family of Movado wristwatches for women is quite vast. Classic features fall into an array of categories, such as style, material, movement, and colors of the dial and strap.

  • Accessorize daily and formalwear with Movado bangle, bracelet, mesh, and strap-style watches
  • Choose between classic, sturdy materials like ceramic, mother-of-pearl, leather, and stainless steel
  • Find the movement type that complements your needs and lifestyle. Movements include Smart Module, Swiss Automatic, and Swiss Quartz
  • Change up your strap and dial colors according to season with black, blue, gold, or silver designs
Which Movado wristwatches for women are water-resistant?

All Movado wristwatches for women are water-resistant. Each watch's specs indicate its degree of resistance to water according to international standards. Typical ranges span 30 to 100 meters.

How do Movado watches compare to Tissot GMT diver watches?

Movado watches hold their own against Tissot GMT diver watchers, the majority of which are made for men. Movado Bold and Movado Series 800 boast several models for women that can withstand fun days at the beach or major on-water adventures and recreational diving.

Movado BoldMovado Series 800Tissot GMT Diver
Water Resistance30 Meters200 Meters30 Meters
MovementSwiss QuartzBattery QuartzSwiss Quartz
Crystal TypeK1Scratch-Resistant SapphireScratch-Resistant Sapphire
Case MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Bracelet/StrapCeramicStainless SteelLeather/Synthetic
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