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N2N Bodywear Men's Underwear

N2N Bodywear men’s underwear comes in a variety of colors, styles, and materials. Fits vary based on the level of coverage you select and are made to suit different clothing styles without showing visible lines. The N-hance collection is specifically intended to increase perceived size and confidence.

What styles of underwear does N2N Bodywear make?

N2N Bodywear makes bikinis, briefs, jocks, boxers, g-strings, trunks, long johns, onesies, and N-hance underwear. Long johns provide the most coverage, while g-strings and thongs provide the highest level of exposure. Bikinis, briefs, and boxers provide a mid-range of coverage around the hips and glutes. Onesies are single-piece garments that cover the entire torso with button closure.

How do you clean N2N Bodywear men’s underwear?

The brand suggests that N2N Bodywear men’s underwear items should be washed in cold water without any bleach, and then tumbled dry on a low setting. You might consider air drying garments as an alternative to putting them in the dryer. Depending on the material that a pair of underwear is made from, it may be more beneficial to hand wash in cool water and gentle detergent. Mix the detergent and water together in a tub or large bowl. Submerge underwear, wash, rinse in cool water, and hang to dry.

What materials are used to make N2N men’s underwear?

Materials such as polyester, nylon, spandex, cotton, and mesh are utilized to make N2N men’s underwear. While cotton is breathable, nylon and polyester are meant to wick moisture away from the skin. Sheer fashion choices can include nylon, mesh, and other materials.

What are features of the N-hance line of N2N Bodywear?

N-hance men’s underwear by N2N Bodywear includes a pouch for stuffing. This way, fabric can be added to the style, to the front section of the underwear. N-hance designs are available in both mesh brief and mesh thong styles in colors such as white, black, and blue. You can also find sheer underwear in the N-hance style.

What colors are N2N Bodywear men’s styles available in?

N2N Bodywear men’s underwear styles are available in colors such as peach, white, black, purple, blue, mint, and red, as well as patterns such as camouflage and polka dots. Sheer underwear is available as well, which allows the color of your skin to show through.