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Hit the Slopes With a Never Summer Snowboard

Never Summer Snowboards are some of the highest quality boards on the market. The company has released a versatile array of different models. eBay has many of these models for sale in both new and used condition.

What models of snowboards does Never Summer make?

Never Summer snowboards are divided into a number of different models. Some of them and their features include:

  • Proto Type Two: The Proto Type Two comes in both a men's and a women's version. It's a board with medium flexibility and dampness, it's asymmetrical, and it combines the features of the Funslinger and the Ripsaw.
  • Funslinger: This asymmetrical board has a deeper heel-side side-cut and is very flexible and snappy, making it an excellent freestyle board
  • Warlock: Very soft, flexible, and snappy, this board's torsionally rigid nose and tail give it excellent maneuverability.
  • Chairman: This board is extremely firm and stable and is meant to cut through snow at high speeds. The damping system keeps the board stable even at breakneck speeds.
  • Shredder: This board is meant for kids and other beginning riders. It's extremely soft, flexible, and snappy, making it easy to control. It's generally suited to all kinds of different conditions.
Three types of Never Summer snowboards

There are three basic types of snowboards. Those three types and their major features include:

  • All Mountain: All Mountain snowboards are the most frequently used because, as their name suggests, they are the most versatile. This board comes with a directional shape, meaning that the tip is different from its tail. The tail is generally narrower, shorter, and flatter than the tip. This makes it the most balanced type of board, and it is also great for beginners. The All Mountain board can be ridden backwards.
  • Freestyle: Freestyle snowboards are light, flexible, and short and therefore are optimized for doing tricks in events like the half pipe. Freestyle snowboards have either a twin tip or directional-twin shape. Twin tips are centered and symmetrical, making it easier for beginners to ride both forward and backward. Directional-twins are like twin tips but have stiffer tails. Freestyle boards are less stable when traveling fast or making slicing turns.
  • Alpine: Alpine boards are narrow, long, and stiff, and they are narrower than both all mountain and freestyle boards. Alpine boards only have a shovel at one end instead of at both like the other two types of boards do, indicating that Alpine boards are only meant to be ridden downhill. Their narrowness and stiffness are ideal for moving fast and for making sharp turns.

The Shredder, Proto Type Two, and others are All Mountain Boards. The Funslinger and Warlock are Freestyle boards. The Chairman is an Alpine board.

Buying a snowboard on eBay

Most of the Never Summer snowboards for sale on eBay will be in used but still in serviceable condition. As you shop around, make sure that the board you choose to buy is of the type that you want by checking things like the length, width, and flexibility of the board. Also, make sure that the board isn't too worn out so that you'll be able to ride it properly and so that it will be able to function as necessary when you do. High-flexibility boards are particularly vulnerable to wear.