New England Patriots camisetas de la NFL Super Bowl

How to Choose New England Patriots Jerseys

When you're a supporter of the New England Patriots or a football fanatic who simply wants a souvenir from Super Bowl LII when the team battled the Philadelphia Eagles down to the last second, New England team jerseys replicate the same type of gear that the players on the gridiron wear. Emblazoned with a specific player's name and number, a New England game jersey lets the world know that you're a fan of the Pats. 

What Are Some Features of Patriots Jerseys?

Football jerseys celebrate your love of the game and the New England Patriots in particular. An NFL jersey simulates a true Patriots uniform, and on gameday, wearing an NFL jersey is one of the most enjoyable ways to cheer on your favorite NFL team. 

  • Jerseys can pay homage to a specific New England Patriots star. For instance, you could wear a jersey that celebrates legendary quarterback Tom Brady or "The Gronk," Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski, with the player's last name emblazoned across the back of the jersey and his number on the front and back.
  • Jerseys feature the Patriots' official team colors. Navy blue game jerseys have red and white accents or red with navy blue and white accents. White jerseys are another option.
  • These jerseys are usually made of lightweight fabric, such as polyester. Mesh inserts allow airflow for ventilation and breathability, making the garments comfortable. Most jerseys have a V-neck design and are machine washable and a breeze to care for.

How Do You Choose Jersey Sizes?

New England Patriots jerseys aren't just for men, as NFL garments come in sizes for women and kids as well. Most game jerseys fit true to size, and you can consult the manufacturer's site for a size chart if you aren't sure what size Patriots jersey to purchase. 

  • Men's game-jersey sizes typically range from small to 3XL. Since New England game jerseys typically have a tailored, slim fit, men may wish to size up for a looser fit or go two sizes up if you plan to wear another shirt underneath your game jersey. There are also big and tall sizes for men who require an extended-size jersey.
  • Women can support the Pats with a game jersey celebrating Tom Brady or other well-known Patriots. Women's jersey sizes range from small to 4XL and have a streamlined, sleek fit that's more athletic than a typical T-shirt. As a result, women may want to size up, so their jersey feels a bit more relaxed and comfortable. 

Which Brands Make New England Jerseys?

Several brands create New England Patriots fan gear, which includes game jerseys, hoodies, and T-shirts.

  • Nike creates authentic Patriots jerseys, T-shirts, and Super Bowl gear. Nike also makes Patriots accessories such as hats.
  • Reebok is a licensed manufacturer of New England Patriots jerseys and T-shirts, as well as NFL fan and Super Bowl apparel. 
  • NFL Pro Line offers a variety of team garments and NFL jerseys, with features like fashionable faded designs and colors for men and women that celebrate the New England Patriots, including white jerseys with navy and red numbers.