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Nikon Binoculars Maximize Your Viewing Experience

Whether youre stargazing or hoping to spot a few birds, binoculars come in many sizes, shapes, and quality levels in order to complement your experience. A good pair of binoculars can keep you looking forward to your favorite hobby or pastime. Before you browse eBays selection of new and used Nikon binoculars, know which questions to ask to help you find the right pair.

Are Nikon binoculars waterproof?

There are numerous Nikon binoculars that are waterproof. These models utilize a sealed O-ring and nitrogen gas to keep water out of the binoculars and allow them to keep their function in the event of accidents. These models are often also fogproof, which can mitigate fogs effect on your viewing experience.

What should you look for in used binoculars?

eBay offers many used options for anyone who is searching for Nikon binoculars. A good amount of research will help you find a pair of binoculars that will give you a clear, comfortable viewing experience. Some things to consider are:

  • Prism: The prism is a very important part of the binoculars. A pristine prism provides you with a clear view that can help you see details you would otherwise miss.
  • Lenses: The lenses should be free of scratches, cracks, and other blemishes.
  • Haze: Binoculars that are free of haze ensure a crisp, clear viewing experience.
What do the numbers on the binoculars mean?

There are two numbers that describe the power and capability of every pair of binoculars. These numbers are fairly intuitive, but it can help to know exactly what they mean. The first number is magnification power. This number tells you how much closer the object that you view will seem to your eye. If the first number is, say, five, then the object in view will look five times closer to you than it actually is. The second number is lens diameter. This indicates how much light the lenses can gather. More light means a clearer picture. Higher magnification power and higher lens objective can help you get an up-close and clearer, more detailed view of an important play, a rare bird, or any other adventure that may come your way.

What materials does Nikon craft binoculars from?

Nikon constructs many of its binoculars from environmentally friendly materials. The lenses are made from Eco-Glass constituents, which are arsenic-free and sourced from responsible means. Nikon also makes efforts to ensure that all of the materials used are safe for the environment. This can provide peace of mind and the knowledge that your binoculars will leave a small carbon footprint.

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