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Add a Nikon Camera Lens to Your Photography Equipment and Improve Your Photos

Nikon manufactures an array of cameras, lens accessories, and other equipment for your personal and professional photography needs. You can use eBay to find a selection of camera lenses that are compatible with various Nikon products. Understanding the types of lenses that are available and the features they might have can help you find the model that fits your needs.

What kinds of lenses can you buy for Nikon cameras?

Camera lenses are available in different types. Each type of lens has specific properties that are intended to make it useful for certain situations during your photography sessions. If you know the type of lens you need for your Nikon camera already, you can select it from the list on eBay. The site will show you all the products that meet your requirements. A few of the lens types you will discover are described below:

  • Telephoto- This type of lens may be useful for long-focus photos.
  • Anamorphic- These lenses can help give your digital photos a more cinematic quality. The lens can stretch the image you see.
  • Fisheye- A fisheye lens creates a particular visual distortion at the edges of the field of view. The distortion is intentional, and you may be able to use it to create photos with intriguing visual effects that focus on the center.
How do Nikon AF lenses work?

A Nikon autofocus lens uses a series of sensors to find and focus on a specific point or subject that you are trying to photograph. In most cases, you can choose this point yourself. You may be able to make small manual adjustments to the clarity of the focus when necessary. Below are two types of systems that can work with AF lenses:

  • Active- Your camera may have an active autofocus system. This system will determine the distance to the subject you wish to photograph and make adjustments to the lens.
  • Passive- These systems analyze attributes of the image as light passes through the lens. They may detect phases or contrast to achieve the proper focus.
Can you buy used Nikon lenses?

eBay carries both new and used lenses that can work with Nikon cameras. A brand new lens will generally include its original tags, papers, and packaging. It should also be free from cosmetic defects or blemishes. In some cases, pre-owned lenses may not have any noticeable blemishes either, but they may show normal signs of use. A used lens may not include its original packaging.

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