Wall Clocks With Features Like Non-Ticking and Silent Sweep

A wall clock can provide a convenient and stylish way to tell time. If its going to be located in a space that needs to be totally quiet, though, its important to carefully consider your options. After all, theres nothing silent about the constant ticking that a standard clock emits.

What types of non-ticking clocks are available?

There are different varieties of non-ticking clocks available.

  • Silent sweep: These analog models feature a second hand that rotates around the face constantly, completing a rotation in one minute. Since that hand isnt geared to move forward once every second, the sound associated with that movement is eliminated.
  • No second hand: These models dont have a hand for measuring seconds at all. Since the device is tracking seconds without any mechanical movement, the sound that would be associated with that movement is eliminated.
  • Digital: A digital model removes the mechanical components altogether. Since there are no moving parts, there arent any ticking sounds.
How do you select a non-ticking clock?

Its important to consider the space where you plan to display your timepiece before choosing a specific model.

  • Room size: If you need to be able to see the clock from anywhere in the room, look for a model that is large enough to be read from far away.
  • Wall: Make sure the surface where you plan to mount your device is strong enough to support its weight.
  • Backlight: If you need to be able to see what time it is, even when its dark, you can get a model that is equipped with a backlight. Both analog and digital models can come equipped with this feature.
  • Power source: Depending on where you plan to locate your device, youll want to select a model that you can provide power to easily. Different models can be powered by batteries, AC power, or solar power.
What features are available on a non-ticking clock?

In addition to the basic function of displaying the time, you can select a model that is equipped with extra features. For example:

  • Auto set: These models are equipped with a receiver that communicates with a remote server that sets the time automatically and accounts for time changes.
  • Backlight: As mentioned above, many models are equipped with backlights so that you can see the time in the dark. Backlights are available in blue, green, amber, and other colors.
  • Climate information: In addition to the time, some models can display information about the temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.
  • Date: In addition to seconds, minutes, and hours, some clocks can provide information about the day of the week, the month, and the year.