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Suzuki Forenza Oil Pumps

The engine of your model Suzuki Forenza contains a number of metal parts that must move independently in order for your vehicle to function. Without the proper lubrication, the engine within your Forenza will cause enough heat and friction to melt down. A properly functioning oil pump keeps your Forenza running and healthy.

What do oil pumps on a Suzuki Forenza do?

The Suzuki Forenza oil pump is a lubrication system that flushes pressurized oil through rotating bearings, sliding pistons, and the moving camshaft that operates your cars transmission. This lubrication keeps the parts cool and prevents damage from overheating. It also prevents metal-on-metal contact that could cause the parts to damage themselves and render your car immobile.

What types of Suzuki Forenza oil pumps are there?
  • Twin gear pumps: Also known as external pumps, these pumps are mounted within the oil pan and disperse oil through a set of twin gears. The twin gears are usually connected to the crankshaft which allows for oil to be pumped at roughly half the RPMs of the motor. The gears have dimples that help the rotating gears push oil from the pan and increase lubrication.
  • Rotor pumps: Also known as gerotor pumps, rotor pumps for your Suzuki include dual gears much like the twin gear pump system. Unlike twin gear pumps, however, the gears on the rotor pump include an inner gear inside of an outer gear. The inner gear is slightly off-center which causes the turning gears to pull oil from the pan and into the engine.
  • Front cover pumps: Also known as internal/external pumps, these pumps are similar to rotor pumps with an inner drive gear and an outer gear. The main difference between the two is that the inner gear of this pump is mounted directly on the crankshaft. Because a front cover oil pump operates at a higher RPM than other pumps, it is able to generate a higher level of oil pressure when your car is idling. One drawback of the front cover oil pump is that the oil has to travel a longer distance from the oil pan to the pump which can hamper the effectiveness of the oil in your Suzuki in colder weather.
When should you replace your Suzuki Forenza’s oil pump?
  • Low oil pressure: A failing oil pump will lose its ability to effectively pump oil throughout the system of your car. Lower oil pressure can lead to friction and eventually damage parts in your sedan. Your Suzuki Forenza has an indicator light that will inform you if your oil pressure is low.
  • Increased temperature: The major purpose of an oil pump in your car is to limit friction between parts, and the most obvious sign of increased friction is elevated temperature. Reduced oil flow leads to friction which increases the heat your parts generate. Your Forenza has a gauge that allows you to monitor these temperature increases.
  • Noise: There are many moving parts within a Suzuki, and when oil pressure is inadequate, those parts can get louder as metal-on-metal friction increases. Properly lubricated hydraulic lifters should be virtually silent so any increase in noise from your car could portend an issue with your oil pump.