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Olympus CAMEDIA Digital Camera

Multiple Options Available for Olympus CAMEDIA Digital Cameras

Olympus is an American company that was founded in 1968. This company produces many models of camera equipment, and these products are designed for amateur and professional use. Find an Olympus digital camera or compact camera within the CAMEDIA collection that suits your photography needs.

What is a CAMEDIA digital camera?

CAMEDIA is the name given to a series of cameras that was produced by this company during the mid-2000s. There are a variety of different camera models within the CAMEDIA collection. Some of these models are of the compact or point-and-shoot variety. These models are designed to be small enough to be put into a pocket.

Other options include digital single-lens reflex cameras. These cameras are much larger than point-and-shoot cameras, and they are usually compatible with many different types of lenses. All of the cameras within this collection come with a carrying case and other features like an LCD screen, an internal flash, a zoom lens, and a long battery life.

What is the storage capacity of a CAMEDIA digital camera?

CAMEDIA cameras use SmartMedia memory sticks. These memory sticks are no longer in production, but they are still compatible with many memory stick readers. SmartMedia memory sticks have a maximum size of 128 MB, which is sufficient for storing approximately 50 photographs that have been captured at 5 MP. You can carry multiple SmartMedia sticks with you at a time, and you can insert a new stick whenever you run out of storage space.

What is the image quality of a CAMEDIA digital camera?

Cameras within the CAMEDIA collection capture photographs that are between 1.3 MP and 5 MP in image density. A megapixel is the equivalent of approximately 1,048,576 pixels.

How do you transfer files from these cameras?

Follow these steps to transfer files from your cameras storage onto your computers hard drive:

  • Step one: CAMEDIA digital cameras are compatible with miniUSB connector cords. Insert one end of the miniUSB cord into the camera, and insert the other end into your computer.
  • Step two: Open Finder on an Apple computer or File Explorer on a Windows computer. Navigate to your camera, and open the folder to view the files.
  • Step three: You can then copy files onto your hard drive, view files in a photo viewer, or delete unwanted files in bulk.
  • Step four: Disconnect your camera from your computer when you are done.
Can you transfer files in any other way?

You can also transfer files off of your CAMEDIA camera by removing the SmartMedia card from the camera. Remove the SmartMedia card from the camera, and insert it into a USB memory stick reader. The reader will clearly label the slot that is compatible with SmartMedia cards. Open the File Explorer or Finder program, depending on the operating system you are using, and select the SmartMedia memory stick. You will then be able to view files or transfer files onto your computers hard drive.

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