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Provide a Positive Patient Experience With the Right Exam Table

An exam table is often found in health practitioners offices, hospitals, or clinics and is used to support patients during a variety of examinations, procedures, and treatments. Refurbished and new exam tables are available on eBay in an array of styles and sizes. Learning the specifications and features these tables have will aid you in choosing the right one for the patients you help.

What are the main formats of exam tables available?

The following three formats of examination tables are available and geared toward specific practices and offer unique benefits:

  • Standard tables - This type of table is mainly found in doctors and clinic offices. Theyre made to accommodate a wide range of patients and offer padded, sturdy support during treatments and examinations.
  • Hi-low tables - This style of table enables a person to move their patient vertically. With a simple flip of the switch or the help of a manually operated system, tables will lower or raise smoothly. Due to the ability to situate a patients height and position effortlessly, these tables are ideal for handicapped or elderly patients.
  • Combination tables - This type of table is designed for customization. You can remove or add everything from footrests to headrests. Due to their versatility and durability, these tables are often used in busy emergency rooms and bustling practices.
What are the main purposes of an exam table?

An exam table offers two main purposes. It provides patients with a comfortable surface where they either sit or lie down, depending on the treatment theyre receiving, or it can aid in helping to keep a patient in a fixed position during a procedure or a variety of treatments.

How do you choose the right exam table?

Selecting the right exam table for your business or practice is a big decision because its functionality will affect your patients comfort as well as your convenience regularly. You should consider the following three top qualities when choosing your exam table:

  • Adjustability - Consider how fast you can adjust an exam table based on the lighting in the room, the size of your patient, and the area you need to examine.
  • Accessibility - Its a good idea to make sure your table is ADA accessible. For example, make sure you can lower it down to the height of a patients wheelchair for easy transporting.
  • Portability - If you have a business or practice that makes home visits, then a portable table will be a must. Youll want to make sure you choose a table made of strong yet lightweight materials like titanium.