Other Motocross and Off-road Gear

If you enjoy running your dirt bike on the highest top gear setting it has, then youll probably want to go above and beyond with your safety equipment choices. You might want to look for a special accessory or a certain pair of goggles that will really hold up to a lot of abuse. Anyone looking to do some serious riding on dirt roads should consider this kind of equipment as part of their essentials.

Do chest protectors come in standard sizes?

Chest protectors do come in standard sizes, but these sizes work differently depending on the type of protector in question. A recovery kit designed to be worn underneath a motocross jersey will generally be much tighter than one designed to be worn over it even if they both feature the same size. If you prefer to wear recovery gear underneath your jersey, then youll probably end up needing small parts. Any recovery kit worn over a jersey will also have a slightly tighter strap to make up for the difference in size.

What kind of goggles are available for off-road riders?

Almost all motocross goggles feature a frame with a strap on the back that lets you wear them around your helmet. Lens design differs greatly between different brands, and some riders prefer different options when they pick up a pair of goggles. Youll probably want to snatch more than one pair if you do any top gear riding because some are better for certain conditions. For instance, some might help you view the track ahead by blocking out harmful rays from the sun. The main types of lenses on the market include:

  • Polycarbonate
  • UV Blocking
  • Scratch-Resistant
  • Polarized
  • Anti-Fog
What are the features of racing leather clothing?

Racing leather clothing is actually made out of a different type of material than whats used for making normal leather jackets. Leather recovery gear is made of much heavier stock, and it is designed to take a beating. Some race organizers require riders to wear this type of leather because it stands up to off-road conditions well. Some off-road recovery outfits are actually made from kangaroo hide, which is extremely dense. The shackles and buckles on this kind of equipment are usually made from dense metal.

Why do some race gloves show the CE markings?

In some areas of the world, motorcycle gloves have to undergo special testing to ensure that they can hold up to race conditions. These gloves must show a special CE marking on their tags to indicate that theyve passed the tests. While American companies arent required to undergo these same tests, they often do as a way to demonstrate that their products will hold up when used with a dirt bike or other top gear vehicle.

Are there recovery suits made of ballistic nylon?

Some recovery suits are made from synthetic fabrics like Cordura, which feature densities as high as 900 Denier. This kind of recovery clothing is also waterproof since it can snatch water away from the wearer. Thats why youll often see recovery teams wearing motocross pants made of this kind of fabric.