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Other RC Model Vehicle Parts and Accessories

Since the mid-1960s, people all over the world have been enjoying the hobby of RC vehicles. These hobby pieces have changed a lot over time and continue to evolve to this day. One fun benefit of this hobby is that you can purchase additional parts and accessories for your RC car in order to make it your own and have it perform how you want.

What is an RC model car?

An RC car, short for radio-controlled, is a hobby car that is powered by gas or batteries. They can be controlled from various distances with the use of a specialized remote or transmitter. On-road and off-road RC cars and trucks are available for purchase. It is important that you buy the right type for your hobby needs.

  • On-road cars: On-road RC vehicles have a simple suspension system and are only suitable on smooth and paved surfaces or for indoor use.
  • Off-road cars: Off-road models come equipped with completely functional off-road suspensions and are generally more durable in order to withstand the wear and tear of different terrains such as gravel, rock, or dirt. These models have a wide selection of tires suitable for most types of terrain. These tires are less likely to incur damage and have a better grip.
What kinds of RC model parts and accessories are there?

Almost all RC models require you to purchase accessories. Without some basic accessories, your vehicle will not run. You may also want to purchase some aftermarket parts or pieces to create a personalized model or toy vehicle. Here are some accessories to consider:

  • Power source: Most vehicles do not come with their own battery packs. You will need to purchase a battery pack and a charger. The most common power source is a Li-polymer battery with a hard case in 7.4 V or 11.1 V. Depending on the car type, you will also need several AA batteries to power the transmitter.
  • Increased performance: Many people choose to purchase accessories with the goal of increasing the performance of the RC car. This can be done by replacing the plastic stock parts with aluminum ones that will increase the strength and the steering angle of the vehicle. Certain types of tires can also increase the performance of the vehicle depending on the terrain you plan to drive it on.
  • Aesthetics: Not only do you want your RC model to perform well, but you also want it to look good, too. You can purchase different bodies, paints, decals, or even flashy wheels to dress up your RC car.
  • Miscellaneous: Other accessories available that you may want to purchase include temperature sensors, chrome exhaust headers, tools, luggage racks, spotlights, cleaning kits, storage and travel bags, miniature jack stands, Bluetooth programmers, and track cones.