PC Laptops & Netbooks without OS

PC Laptops & Netbooks Without an Operating System

Many laptop and netbook computers come pre-loaded with different operating systems. It is possible to purchase a computer that does not have an operating system installed. This allows the individual to add the operating system of their choice onto their device and enjoy a fully customized computing experience that meets their individual needs.

What types of operating systems are available?

The three types of operating systems found on most computers are Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Most commercial software will run on one or more of these systems. They are available in either single-user or multiple-user installations, with single-user being the predominant installation option.

How do you install an OS onto a computer?

In most cases, the default method to install an OS is simply to download either a self-unlocking installation program or use a CD or DVD, which is placed in the appropriate device. From there, the system will automatically install the program.

Will the device operate as a working computer?

Yes. Once the system is on the unit, when the device is turned on, the operating system will boot up and be ready to be used. In some cases, with the appropriate software, a device can have two different operating systems installed, including Microsoft Windows and Linux. The user will have the option of having the computer system boot up into the chosen OS.

What is a hard drive?

The hard drive is where the data on a device is physically stored. They are available in a variety of different configurations. Some have moving parts while others have solid state flash storage. Hybrid hard drives use a combination of both moving parts and flash storage.

What determines how fast a laptop operates?

There are a number of factors used to determine the operating speed of a computer. One of those is the processor speed, which is where the actual computing on a system takes place. The amount of RAM a computer has is also used to determine how quickly or slowly a system operates.

Purchasing a laptop or netbook without an operating system is often less expensive than getting one that has an OS pre-loaded onto it. This allows for a more customized user device. Software products must always be compatible with the system in place on a device, as some Microsoft Windows products will not work on a Macintosh system and vice versa.

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