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A Guide to Finding the Correct Parasound Amplifier

Parasound amplifiers have set the standard for sound and style. They are reliable, are high-performing, and have a power output up to 200 watts. The Parasound amplifier is also a space-saving amplifier, which is perfect for users who don't have much room. The combination of power and features makes it the standard in amplifiers, and you can find them on eBay.

What type of Parasound amplifiers are available?

eBay has a wide range of Parasound amplifiers from which to choose. All are equipped with a broad range of features to fit your specific lifestyle. The following Parasound amplifiers are available:

  • Preamplifier: This Parasound amplifier has brilliant sound quality. It has four analog audio outputs, a front-lit LCD panel, remote bass and treble adjustments, and a default turn-on memory.
  • Integrated amplifier: This Parasound amplifier has ball-bearing volume control, increased phono stage gain, bass and treble controls, up to 150 watts per channel, and Burr-Brown volume control modulation for better sound quality.
  • Power amplifier: This Parasound amplifier has a power output of up to 500 watts. It has an independent power supply and balanced input.
  • Phono amplifier: This Parasound amplifier has a sound-improving mono switch, filter caps, voltage regulators, high temperature indicator, and an ESD power supply.
What type of audio output is available?

The terminals on the back of the Parasound amplifier allow the user to get sound in a variety of ways. The various outlets allow you to plug other components into the amplifier.

  • Digital coaxial RCA: The Parasound amplifier has six outlets to plug into for sound.
  • Headphone jack: Enjoy listening to music with a convenient 3.5mm headphone jack. The gold-encased jack prevents music from bleeding out, which enhances listening quality.
  • Stereo LR/RCA: The speaker wire plugs into the Parasound amplifier to expand the sound quality. Users enjoy richer, more crisp sound.
What type of features should you look for in this amplifier?

The Parasound amplifier is equipped with many features. You need to find out which is available to fit your lifestyle needs. eBay has many to choose from, including those listed here:

  • DAC: The digital-to-analog converter (DAC) sends out an audio signal. The DAC is often used in devices like Parasound amplifiers to enhance the audio signal.
  • Multiroom: The multiroom Parasound amplifier functions with a splitter to transform a single setup into a multiple setup.
  • Portable: This Parasound amplifier is a wireless device. It uses a lithium battery so that the amplifier can be moved around.
  • Remote: The remote is used to control certain functions of the Parasound amplifier. You can pair it to receive the amplifier's signal.
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