Pellet Air Rifles

Pellet Air Rifles

Pellet air rifles are good for: target practice and competitions; pest, varmint, and predator control; and small game hunting. Effective against rabid raccoons and foxes, a pellet air rifle shoots a non-spherical projectile with less pressure and at a shorter range than most firearms. The National Rifle Association (NRA) sponsors a high power air rifle competition in the United States.

What is a high power pellet air rifle?

The high power pellet rifle, introduced in 1985, breaks the sound barrier and projects a high-velocity alloy pellet, which traverses a longer range at a greater velocity than lead pellets do. Most air guns are .177, .22, or 6 millimeter in caliber and a piston forces pellets out of the barrel by one of these actions:

  • Bolt Action: The bolt moves a piston which pushes the bullet into the barrel and compresses a spring. Locking the bolt, cocks the air gun. Pulling the trigger propels the bullet out of the barrel. Opening the bolt ejects the empty cartridge from the rifle after it has been fired.
  • CO2 or Nitrogen: A CO2 or Nitrogen canister compresses a spring which forces the release of the bullet from your barrel of your rifle.
  • Pneumatic: Pneumatic action air rifles are pumped to fill a canister which exerts pressure and causes the pellet or bullet to be propelled from your rifle.
  • Pre-charged: Pre-charged canisters may be smoother when fired, but they can also exert enough pressure to bend your bullet or pellet.
  • Multi-pump: Crosman multi-pump pellet guns are loaded with multiple rounds of ammunition and fire several times after being pumped several times.
  • Single-stroke: Single stroke pellet guns fire one single shot at a time.
Who manufacturers high power pellet rifles?

Crosman, headquartered in the United States, is the largest manufacturer and distributor of pellet air rifles in the world. Gamo of Barcelona, Spain, is the largest European manufacturer of air rifles, and Gamo manufactures more air gun pellets than any other manufacturer in the world. Umarex, a German corporation, manufactures RAM air guns. Crosman and Gamo offer a range of .177 and .22 caliber rifles above a velocity of 1300 feet per second, required for the NRA high power rifle competition.

What are 6 millimeter caliber automatic pellet guns? Both Crossman and Gamo manufacture 6 millimeter caliber automatic and semi-automatic rifles capable of firing 1000 rounds per minute at a velocity of 240 to 700 feet per second. Crosman automatic rifles reach a maximum velocity of 1600 feet per second.