Penis Stretchers

Penis Stretchers

Penis girth and length are synonymous with virility and manliness. Penis enlargement tools are a safe and effective way to enhance your inches. Plus, penis enlargement devices can lessen or correct degrees of curvature and improve your erections.

Can a penis extender help with Peyronie?

Yes, penis extenders can help you if you have Peyronie. Penis extenders are essentially penis stretchers. By delivering stretch over a period of time, penis stretchers compel the penile membranes and tissues to stretch and multiply at the cellular level, much like your earlobes respond to progressively larger gauges and plugs.

Extenders are typically minimally invasive and well-tolerated by most men. However, there are no recommendations for optimal duration of daily penis stretching, and you should definitely follow the manufacturers instructions to the letter.

How do penis extender devices deliver stretch?

There are several techniques available:

  • Penis extender: These extenders gently clamp your flaccid penis and maintain a constant stretch, generally within a tube or between protective bars.
  • Vacuums: Vacuums are essentially pumps. They are usually cylindrical in shape. You insert your penis into the pump and then pump the air out of the pump. This compels your penis to become engorged. The engorged effect remains for several weeks, and consistent use results in increased penis size and erection hardness.
  • Weights: Some enlargement mechanisms consist of a heavy ball that you tie to your penis. The weight creates stretch, and repeated use on a regular basis multiplies your penis length and girth.
  • Temporary penis extender: Temporary extenders are strap-on devices resembling hollowed-out toys with realistic phallic shapes and textures. You slip the toy on snugly, and it gives you extra inches immediately.
How many inches can you gain?

This depends on the type of device you use, how often you use it, the duration of each session, and the intensity of the stretch. Some mechanisms and regimens advise as little as a few minutes per day and minimal stretch. Others suggest stretching sessions of an hour or more or even sleeping while sustaining traction.

Most extenders require daily use to produce noticeable results. Initial results may include your increased ability to edge more effectively, and this may be the only immediate confirmation that youre reaping any benefit. Ultimately, ranges of 1 1/2 to 4 inches in increased length and circumference are not uncommon, but results vary.

How long do results last?

The jurys still out on the longevity of results. Some manufacturers suggest that results are lasting if you continue to use devices on a regular basis, even daily.

Similarly, with Peyronie, affected men must undergo consistent therapy, and the therapy may be rather difficult. Penile traction device therapy may not entirely correct Peyronie, so medical supervision is advisable.

As with all men, results are vastly different from man to man. Most important is to engage in enlargement and traction device activity daily or as the manufacturer suggests.