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Pet Supplies Wholesale Lots

If your dog just had puppies or you adopted some stray kittens, there's a way to obtain multiple essential pet supplies. Wholesale lots are a great way to order bulk dog collars and harnesses or cute kitty food bowls for the new additions to your family. Also, if you're opening a pet store or stocking an animal shelter, you'll find a variety of goods available to meet your needs.

How do you choose a dog collar for a puppy?

Your puppy will not stay little for very long, so find an adjustable collar that can be lengthened as they grow. One constant is the general principle of keeping the collar loose enough that two fingers fit comfortably underneath it. Make sure the collar is tight enough to not slip over the animal's head. Carefully consider the following:

  • Measurement - For precision measuring, grab a piece of yarn. Wrap it around your pet's neck and add two inches to the length for the perfect dog-collar length. Check periodically to ensure that you pet hasn't grown so much as to render the collar uncomfortable.
  • Material - Keep in mind the purpose of the collar you're choosing along with the breed of dog it's designed for. A Chihuahua is not high risk for breaking away and only needs a light nylon collar. A pit bull will need a stronger leather or heavy nylon collar and/or a choke chain collar for training purposes. Consider how you'll need to clean the material on the collar.
  • Safety features - Are you walking your pet at night? Consider a reflective material on the leash. If your pet runs free in the country, a breakaway collar is a good choice.
How do you choose a cat harness?

Fitting a harness to a cat is similar to selecting a collar size for a dog. The two-finger rule applies to the pieces of the harness that encircle the cat's throat and waist. When selecting a harness, consider:

  • Material - Lightweight, durable, and washable are good qualities.
  • Type - For long-term use without supervision, an H- or V-style harness enables the animal to escape if needed. Figure eight is best for walking on a leash.
What other supplies can you find in a wholesale lot?

Puppies love chewing, and toys are infinitely better options than furniture. Dogs and cats both love tasty treats. Look for a reliable manufacturer and choose the lot that fits your pet supply requirements, including:

  • Accessories - Whether for holiday fun or for extra warmth outside, you'll be able to find pet clothes and booties to protect your pet's paws from icy sidewalks. If you need bags to carry on walks for picking up dog waste, you can find that, too.
  • Dog toys - If you are looking for squeaky or plush toys, need a chew rope to keep your pup occupied, a rubber ball to throw, or teething toys to help when a puppy's molars arrive, non-toxic toys can be bought in bulk lots.
  • Dog collars - You can find rhinestone or jacquard collars for your pooch. Plastic, nylon, or rope leashes can also be bought in bulk.
  • Cat harnesses - Use one of these in the car to buckle up your kitty.
  • Dog chains - You can find chains with tags for engraving.