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Pioneer 8 Inch Car Subwoofers

Improve Car Audio With an 8-Inch Pioneer Subwoofer

If youre looking for a fuller sound experience in your car, a subwoofer can provide it. Since theyre designed to bring out bass notes, car subwoofers help create a thumping good sound. With a range of 8-inch subwoofer size options, you can easily find one to suit your vehicle and your needs.

What does 8-inch size mean?

The 8-inch size refers to the diameter of the speaker part only, not including the size of the container. A round 8-inch speaker measures 8 inches across. In some cases, you will also find rectangular speakers measuring 8 inches by approximately 5 inches across. These dimensions together with container size and watts will let you know how much sound to expect from the subwoofer.

What type of Pioneer subwoofer do you need?

Depending on your needs and where in your vehicle youd like to have a new subwoofer, there are several factors to keep in mind. Here are the main features to look for depending on what you need:

  • Under or behind seat: If youd like to place speakers beneath or behind seats, you should consider a rectangular container type. This speaker type has what you need to mount the speaker to upholstery with minimal damage.
  • Shallow mount: A shallow subwoofer gives you a container specifically designed to work in limited space, so you can install it in your car. In order to create fuller sound, car subwoofers use specially designed speaker cones that require less depth. This type needs to be mounted to your car in your chosen location. Shallow depth means that a car door or other interior location will give you enough room.
  • Inputs: Car subwoofers receive power and audio input from your vehicle. For your new install to work, always pay attention to wiring requirements. In general, you will need one audio channel for each 8-inch speaker. Ohm ratings should match the ratings of the audio channel. Dual ohm systems allow you to wire for different ratings, making them a good choice if you want flexibility in connections.
What should you know about container dimensions?

Wherever youre looking to install your new audio equipment, youll also want to take container size into consideration. Some, but not all, 8-inch speakers have roughly 8-inch round containers to match. Others come in larger containers. A large container tends to give bass notes a fuller tone, but it will also require more space to install properly.

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