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Pioneer Android Radio Video In-Dash Units with GPS

Pioneer Android In-Dash Units for a Better Ride

For a long time, cars only came with basic radio systems when you drove away from the dealership. But with improvements in satellite and computing technology, newer offerings in infotainment systems have been produce, thereby offering you more options for functionality and entertainment.

What Is Android Auto?

  • Android for Cars: You may be familiar with the Android operating system on most smartphones. It features many capabilities and functions that make your day-to-day life more streamlined and connected. The same is true with Android Auto but places a focused effort on making navigation and communication easier and more streamlined.
  • Intuitive Safety: The control system of Android Auto is intuitive. With large and neatly-placed button along with expanded text and information cards on its interface, its easy to integrate into your driving habits.
  • Superior Connectivity: Connect your smartphone to the Android Auto-capable Pioneer device to access its convenient call and messaging features. It will detect the contacts in your phonebook along with email addresses so you can shoot a message or email easily without needing to use your hands.

What Are Some Notable Pioneer In-Dash Units?

  • AVIC-8201NEX: This model has a responsive 7-inch capacitive touchscreen. It is LED backlit, giving you high visibility in pitch dark conditions and has no ramp-up time. The display also has last angle memory, meaning the navigation angle stays the way you want it and never resets automatically. It has many customization options in the display with 13 backgrounds and splash screens.
  • AVIC-7201NEX: This model also has a 7-inch display but uses resistive technology to detect input. It merely means that the pressure at which you press the buttons matter in detecting the input you just made. It has 5 display colors and 112 key colors.
  • AVIC-6201NEX: This variant has a 6-inch clear resistive screen with a WVGA 800x480-pixel resolution for clarity. It is not Android Auto compatible.

What Are Some Features of These Units?

  • Android: The mid and high-end in-dash models feature Android Auto out of the box, giving you access to the convenient features of the platform immediately.
  • GPS and Radio: All the units have functional GPS navigation with map data you can easily download. Get the map data for your locale or the area you are visiting so you can get real-time directions and even traffic updates. FM and AM Radio also come standard in all models.
  • Back Up Camera: These units also function as rear-view displays with the included ND-BC8 back-up camera. Once properly installed, the display automatically switchs to back-up mode, which alerts you if a collision is impending.
  • Bluetooth: As a basic but convenient feature, Bluetooth connectivity is standard. Connect your phone so that you can play music or take and make calls.

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