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Pioneer Car Video In-Dash Units with GPS

Explore Both Near and Far With a Pioneer Navigation System

Whether you enjoy taking cross-country road trips or day trips to the local beach, a Pioneer GPS can help you navigate through areas that you are unfamiliar with. There are many types of new and preowned Pioneer navigation systems available on eBay. Understanding the features of different navigation systems will help you determine which one is right for you.

What screen sizes are there?

Many of the affordable Pioneer navigation systems that you find on eBay come in a wide variety of sizes. The reason behind the size differences is due to the space available in different models of vehicles. A GPS is meant to fit either above a stereo or in place of a stereo, so the dimensions need to line up similarly to the old radio on the dashboard.

Some standard options for Pioneer GPS screen sizes include:

  • 5.8-inch screen
  • 6.1-inch screen
  • 6.5-inch screen
  • 7-inch screen
  • 9-inch screen
What types of features are included in Pioneer navigation systems?
  • Bluetooth: Connect your smartphone to your GPS via Bluetooth so that you can make calls and listen to music from your device hands-free.
  • Real-time traffic: Many Pioneer navigation systems keep you updated on what is going on around you as most of the systems identify real-time traffic. With real-time traffic, you have a better idea of what time you will arrive somewhere because it updates as traffic progresses during your drive.
  • DVD/CD player: The DVD player allows you to play movies and shows through the screen while you are parked. If you enjoy listening to CDs or audiobooks, you can choose a navigation model that lets you play them via the navigation system.
  • Detachable face: Some Pioneer systems have a detachable face that allows you to remove the screen so that you can hand it to someone who wants to watch a movie or adjust the GPS location while you drive.
How do you know which Pioneer GPS fits your vehicle?

First, figure out which screen size is right for your vehicles dashboard. After you select a size, think about the features that you are interested in having in a GPS. If you or someone in your family enjoys watching movies in the car, you might want a Pioneer GPS with a detachable face so that it can be removed and used in the back seat of the vehicle. If you want to connect your smartphone to your car, you may want a system with Bluetooth capability so that you can make calls through the system.

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