Plants & Seedlings

Plan Your Bountiful Garden With Plants and Seedlings

During the spring planting season, the emerging sunshine might get you thinking about sprucing up your yard or planting a garden for the year. If you have never shopped for your specific plants & seedlings from the comfort of your home using the internet, you might like to look at variety of plants and seedlings available on eBay.

What varieties of plants and seedlings are on eBay?

eBay has a variety of plants, seedlings, heirloom seeds, fruit trees, bulbs, and plants available. You can find:

  • Every kind of vegetable imaginable, ornamental grasses, many fruit trees, and herbs for seasoning.
  • Houseplants of many varieties, including cacti and succulents.
  • Trees, bushes, shrubs, ferns, and vines.
  • Unusual and atypical varieties such as bonsai, bamboo, and even carnivorous plants.
  • Annuals, biennials, and perennials that will help you truly layout your plans for years to come.
What is a seedling?

A seedling is the tiny plant that appears from the seed when the moisture, light, and temperature conditions are correct. Many people think of the burgeoning of the seedling from the seed as sprouting. Hence, sometimes, seedlings are referred to as sprouts.

What are succulents, and what do they like?

A succulent is any plant that has a thick, fleshy water storage capability. Succulents store water in their leaves, stems, or roots. Hence, the succulent is a prevalent plant of choice in many dry climates. Some other attributes of succulents include:

  • The term succulent comes from the Latin form of "succus," which means "full of juice or sap." Since they keep much of the moisture they need to flourish, they seldom need watering.
  • Succulents flourish in dry conditions, and their origins are from dry, desert locations. They have become an easy-maintenance plant that is available in many colors.
  • Succulents can be easily reproduced by cutting a small part of the plant off and replanting it. They are also highly pest resistant.
  • There are approximately 60 varieties of succulent plants.
  • A new trend is to grow succulent plants on jewelry, headbands, and other paraphernalia as adornment.
Are there growing instructions available for plants and seedlings?

When you search on eBay for plants and seedlings, the listings will inform you of what conditions are prudent for that particular plant. For example, some of the plants available are more conducive to particular climates than others. Furthermore, the live plants, fruit trees, seedlings or seeds will come with instructions about planting and maintenance.