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What You Should Know About Camera Backs and Holders

Polaroid produces a series of films and accessories. A film holder is an essential component of film and Polaroid cameras, and when they require replacement, it's simple enough to keep your camera working properly by adding a new back to it so you won't miss any good shots. When choosing a film back or film holder for your camera, there are many features and styles to consider.

What is a film holder?

This device is designed to hold one or more pieces of film in a Polaroid camera. The film holder attaches to the back of the film body. The film sheet size is typically 4 by 5 inches and encloses the film so that they are not prematurely exposed to the light. Some manufacturers produce larger sizes.

How do you select a film holder?
  • Choose a film size: These are available in metric and U.S. sizes depending on the model of your camera.
  • Choose a holder type: You can choose between cut film, adapters, instant, and preloaded, along with other options.
  • Choose a brand: You can choose from the same brand as your camera manufacturer or from other branded and unbranded options that are compatible with your camera.
  • Select a format: You can select from medium and large-film formats.
What types of film holders are available?
  • Multi-sheet holders: This type of film holder carries two or more sheets of film. This allows the camera to cycle through multiple sheets of film at faster speeds.
  • Film pack holders: This type of holder is produced in packs of 12 to 16 units. These sheets are taped together and bent around a metal frame.
  • Instant film holders: This style holds 10 packs of instant film designed for instant cameras. Some of these styles of holder holds 8 by 10 sheets.
  • Preloaded: This type of holder holds light-tight envelope sheets of film. This type is used in 4 by 5 inch film sizes. The envelope format is designed to allow for a larger amount of film to be carried.
  • Roll film holders: This style of film holder allows you to adapt roll film for use in sheet film-cameras. This type is used in 4 by 5 inch models.
What is a digital film back?

A digital film back is a device that can be attached to the back of a film-type camera. This device contains an electronic image sensor so that the camera can be used to take digital photos instead of using film. Some digital film backs will also contain an LCD screen so that you can use it as a viewfinder and view images that were taken.

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