Portable Massage Chairs

Portable Massage Chairs and Tables

Being a professional masseuse comes with the decision of whether you want to set up a business in your own salon or taking your services on the road. These days, a lot of people like the convenience of being able to get massages in the comfort of their own home rather than having to make a trip to a salon. The problem you may have with a mobile massage business is that there is not a convenient place to do your work. A portable massage chair or table takes care of this issue and allows you to set up in a room at your customers home.

How Do Portable Massage Chairs Work?

A portable massage chair folds up so you can carry it from place to place. It comes in a neat carry case with handle and opens out when you are ready to use. As a guide:

  • Size: When set up, these chairs are usually around 29 inches L by 48 inches H by 18 inches W. The seat, hand rest, and head rest are all adjustable.
  • Weight capacity: They are very durable and can hold up to 700 pounds of static weight, and 300 pounds of working weight.
  • Material: This can differ model to model, but often they have stainless steel frame with 100 percent ultra soft PU surface and soft foam inside. They are easily cleanable.

How Do Portable Massage Tables Work?

Like the chairs, portable massage tables come in a carry case and unfold when you need to use. As a guide:

  • Size: 180 cm L by 60 cm W by 65 cm H when fully open. The height is adjustable.
  • Weight capacity: These tables can usually hold up to 200 kg.
  • Material: PU plus high elastic sponge and stainless steel frame.

What Other Uses Does a Portable Massage Chair Have?

Massage chairs and tables are not only great for masseuses, but can serve several purposes for a number of other professionals. These include:

  • Tattoo artists: If youre a mobile tattoo artist that wants to ensure you have a good chair for someone to sit while you get down to business, a massage chair is ideal.
  • Beauty therapists: When performing beauty services in the privacy of someones home, youre not sure if they will have the right place for you to carry out your work. A portable chair can set up easily in your clients living room or bedroom.
  • Street shoe shiner: Shining peoples shoes on the street before they head into the office is much easier when you have somewhere for people to sit. A portable chair can go anywhere you like to go if you move around a lot, and is adjustable for your clients comfort.