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Queen Blankets and Throws

Queen blankets and throws are made to be large enough to cover a queen-sized bed. They are designed to help people stay warm or to serve as covers for beds and furniture.

What types of throws are there?

There are those used to keep warm and those that are used for decorative purposes only. They come in a multitude of designs from plush wolf breakouts to flags of different countries. When deciding which type to use, you should consider things like how it is made and what will it take to clean it.

What are plush queen blankets and throws made out of?

Fleece is commonly used, but wool, cotton, polyester, flannel, faux fur, microfiber, velvet, and cashmere are among other materials used to make plush queen blankets and throws.

How are plush queen blankets and throws made?

Throws are typically made by stitching, crocheting, weaving, and embroidering materials together to form a blanket. Those made to keep you warm usually have two layers made of material like a cotton blend with a middle layer made of wool. Throws used primarily for decorative purposes are typically made out of materials like cotton or a woven wool blend that is crocheted together.

How do you clean queen throws and blankets?

There are two ways to clean a blanket. You can wash them by hand or you can use a washing machine. In either case, if you are washing the blanket for the first time, you want to make sure the laundry detergent you are going to use won’t make the dye run. Mix the detergent with water in a little bowl and dab a cotton ball into it. Rub the mixture onto an inconspicuous spot on the blanket to see if the dye reacts.

Determining which method to use to clean blankets and throws will depend on the material used to make it. For example, a blanket made of cashmere, wool, and mohair needs to be hand-washed and carefully dried using towels on a flat surface. However, throw blankets made of cotton and synthetic blends can typically be cleaned in a washing machine by doing the following:

  • Remove loose dirt: Dirt can get embedded into the blanket. You should take it outside and put it over a clothes line. Use a broom to gently tap the blanket to make the dirt fall out of it.
  • Wash: Place the blanket into the washing machine and set the machine to a gentle wash cycle. Set the washing machine to the proper water temperature for the material the blanket is made out of.
  • Dry: Depending on the material used to make the blanket, set the dryer to the proper heat level for the material and turn it on. In some cases, the blanket might have to be air-dried.