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Riedel Glassware

Riedel has been making fine wineglasses since 1756. The family-owned, Austria-based company is particularly well-known for popularizing grape-specific wineglasses. Riedel has long been a top choice of wine enthusiasts and people who want quality stemware for fine entertaining.

What is the grape-specific glass concept?

You may know that the basic shape of a wineglass can affect how the wine expresses itself. Instead of simply offering glasses for red wines or white wines, Riedel designed glasses for specific types of wines. According to Riedel, these glasses make tasting pleasurable by amplifying the aroma, texture, flavor, and finish of the wine.

What are the Riedel glassware collections?

There are several collections from Riedel, including:

  • Riedel Vinum - These are machine-blown, grape-specific wineglasses. The Vinum XL line is an update of the classic collection, and the Vinum Extreme line includes sleek glasses for varietals like Nebbiolo and Icewine.
  • Riedel Veritas - This is another machine-blown collection that is slightly lighter than the one listed above.
  • Sommeliers - This is Riedel's hand-blown, grape-specific, crystal stemware. Sommeliers Black Tie red-wineglasses have black stems, and the white-wineglasses have black bases. The Superleggero glasses are light, hand-blown crystal glasses from Riedel.
  • Fatto a Mano - This is another grape-specific set. These glasses use hand- and machine-blowing techniques. They are inspired by Venetian glass and have colorful stems.
  • Ouverture - This is Riedel's introductory line. Instead of being grape-specific, it contains two wineglasses, a beer glass, a Champagne flute, and a glass for spirits.
  • Vitis and Wine - These are Riedel's other basic sets. The wineglasses have a traditional look. Vitis stemware has a more angular bowl and sleek shape.
  • O and Swirl - These are Riedel's stemless wine tumblers.

Riedel also makes crystal decanters, barware, and water goblets.

What are some grape-specific Riedel wineglasses?

These are some of the grape-specific glasses you might find from Riedel.:

  • Cabernet/merlot glass - Appropriate for red Bordeaux
  • Pinot noir/Burgundy Grand Cru glass - Appropriate for red Burgundy
  • Tempranillo glass - Appropriate for Rioja
  • Old World Syrah
  • Shiraz/Syrah glass
  • Grand Cru Riesling - Also appropriate for Zinfandel
  • Sauvignon blanc/Dessert wineglass - The Sommeliers series of specific glasses for dessert wines like Sauternes
  • Oaked chardonnay (Montrachet) glass
  • Chardonnay/Viognier glass - Called the Chablis/chardonnay glass in some sets

Most Riedel grape-specific sets have flutes for sparkling wines.

How do you care for Riedel stemware?

Riedel glasses are dishwasher safe. The company recommends using a stemware rack. Many people wash their Riedels by hand. For extra-sparkling results, you can polish your Riedel glasses after they dry.