Ralph Lauren Purple Label

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Ralph Lauren Purple Label Clothing for Men

The Purple Label is Ralph Lauren's luxury menswear line that features Art Deco-influenced prints, quality fabrics, and classic, bespoke-inspired tailoring. You might have some questions about the wardrobe pieces offered under this label.

How do Ralph Lauren Purple shirts fit?

Ralph Lauren Purple Label tops have a trim fit. Trim-fit shirts typically have narrower sleeves than regular fit or classic fit. They also have higher armpits and a close cut in the chest area. However, Ralph Lauren Purple trim-fit shirts are not so tight that they restrict movement, and the slim fit can accentuate your upper body.

What Ralph Lauren Purple Label suits are available?

Some of the Purple Label pieces made in Italy include:

  • Drake Jacquard Dinner Jacket
  • Anthony Peak-Lapel Tux
  • Wingtip Collar Dress Shirt
What are Ralph Lauren Purple Label shoes?

Ralph Lauren Purple Label shoes are made in Italy by seasoned artisans. Ralph Lauren features ready-to-wear Italian-made shoes under the Purple brand as well as made-to-measure Benchmade shoes. The Benchmade Purple Label shoes are also made in Italy for the most part, although some are made in Britain. Recent examples of ready-to-wear, Italian-made Purple Label shoes include the:

  • Dalvin Calfskin Oxford
  • Chalmers Calfskin Penny Loafer
What is a French cuff?

A French cuff is twice as long as a barrel cuff. It folds back onto itself and requires cufflinks to hold it in place. A barrel cuff is a standard sized shirt cuff that has buttons for fastening. Barrel cuffs are standard on ready-to-wear business shirts and typical button-down business tops. Ralph Lauren Purple Label dress tops tend to have either a barrel cuff or a French cuff.

The French cuff appears more frequently on Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedo shirts and tailored tops, whereas a barrel cuff is usually found on Oxfords and plain dress tops. Additionally, there are tops under this brand that are specifically identified by the cuff style, such as the French Cuff Dress Shirt, which appeared some years ago.

Some Ralph Lauren Purple Label tuxedo and dinner jackets have unfinished cuffs that you can have tailored to your specifications.

How do Ralph Lauren Purple pants fit?

Generally, Purple Label pants have a relatively relaxed fit that offers some room in the thighs and seat. They are not baggy, per se, just slightly relaxed. Also, there are specific Purple pants that are straight fit, such as the straight fit Japan denim jeans.

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