Reborn Dolls & Clothing

Reborn Dolls and Clothing

People have always been fascinated by both babies and dolls. The art of taking traditional vinyl dolls and making them more realistic brings the two together. Welcome to the world of reborn dolls and the array of accessories and clothing that make them so special.

Whats a reborn doll?

Reborn dolls are manufactured dolls that have been transformed to look more realistic. The dolls are also known as lifelike dolls or reborn baby dolls. Sometimes, the baby dolls are so lifelike that they have been confused with real babies.

Who are reborn dolls for?

Reborn baby dolls are appropriate for all people, but there are five main audiences:

  • Art doll collectors: Many people collect dolls, and these lifelike baby dolls are a specialty niche.
  • Baby lovers: Some people just enjoy having a baby around, and empty-nesters may choose to have a reborn baby made in the likeness of their own child. In those scenarios, the dolls are called portrait reborns.
  • The elderly: The use of baby dolls to comfort the elderly is not new, but use of a reborn baby takes this therapy to a new level. Often, patients are soothed by holding these lifelike babies, and the size and weight often help elicit memories.
  • Parents who have lost a child: No one suggests that these dolls can replace a real infant, but sometimes a reborn baby can help in the healing by providing physical relief.
  • Children: Although reborn artists dont generally do their craft with children in mind, the dolls can still be appropriate with supervision.
What are reborn doll kits?

A reborn baby can be created from a whole manufactured doll or a kit. When newborning from a kit, an artist begins the process, and the kits come with a baby doll thats already disassembled. The customer can then use the included supplies or supplement with their own. Many times, the reborners can choose from a selection of body parts and skin tones to customize the contents of the kit and make a unique doll.

How do you make a reborn look realistic?

Aside from the quality of the reborn itself, there are a few characteristics that make a big difference.

  • Size: The size of your reborn is important. Obviously, the original vinyl doll is a factor, but size can be adjusted with a cloth body.
  • Clothing: This is an important part of a realistic reborn. Choose high-quality, real, baby clothes to add authenticity. Be sure to add shoes, hats, or seasonal items that are size-appropriate for your reborn.
  • Accessories: Adding things like pacifiers, bibs, or other baby accessories help make your reborn lifelike.