Maintaining the Buttons on Your Media Player

The buttons that appear on your iPod Touch should be examined based on their functions. These allow you to have more control over your device, including control over what you see on the screen.

What Are Some Main Points to Consider?

You can find many buttons on your device:

  • Home button: The basic home button will lead you to your home screen. A Touch ID sensor may be found on your button to help you get access to your device. You can hold onto the button to get to the switcher that moves from one app to another, including from the iTunes program to something else you have downloaded and installed on your setup.
  • Volume controls: Your volume controls let you turn the sound on your iPod or iPhone up or down.
  • Top button: Another button that is not found on every Apple device, this button is used for turning the iPod on or off. You can also press this to keep the device asleep while the unit goes quiet as the screen goes dim. This is similar to the side piece you would find on many iPhone models.

You must ensure that each of these items is working on your iPod, whether it's an iPod Classic or the more modern iPod Touch.

When Should I Get New Buttons?

You would have to get new replacement pieces for your iPod Touch in the event that you are experiencing any of these problems:

  • The controls are not working even after you restart the iPod.
  • There are no films or other coverings that are in the way of the controls and they still will not work.
  • You have cleaned and removed other items around the setup and the pieces still are not working.
  • The battery you are using is charged up all the way, but even then you can't get anything to run.

What is the Loop On the Back of the Device?

You must also look at the loop on the back part of the iPod Touch. This can be found on some first generation units and even on some editions of the iPod Touch 4G. This loop feature is designed to let you take photos or video from many angles. The loop might interfere with some of the buttons depending on how it works. Be aware of how this might work as needed.

Check the Size of the Buttons

Any power button or other item you plan on getting for your Touch should be checked based on its size. The Touch is 4.86 inches high and 2.31 inches wide while also being 0.24 inches deep, thus creating a distinct space for replacement buttons to be added into. Be aware of how well these work as you get the music player, camera, or other features on the device ready. See the manufacturer site for size details.

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