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Restoration Hardware Chandeliers and Ceiling Fixtures

Chandeliers can help to lighten up a room or entryway while also serving as a ceiling fixture that adds style to the interiors of your home. These Restoration Hardware chandeliers and ceiling fixtures are available in an array of colors that include black, gold, gray, white, and silver. These chandeliers are also made from a large number of different materials that include aluminum, brass, and nickel.

Which materials are RH chandeliers and ceiling fixtures made from?

  • Aluminum: This is a lightweight metal that comes in a silver-gray finish and is commonly combined with other light metals to create an alloy.
  • Brass: This is a metallic alloy that is comprised of both zinc and copper. It comes with a bright gold appearance and can be found as the base material in many pendant lights.
  • Glass: This is a hard substance that is usually translucent or transparent and is used in many ceiling fixtures, such as the Benson pendant light.
  • Nickel: This is a silvery-white metal that has a lustrous appearance and is used in many of the flush mounts that are available by this brand.
  • Wrought iron: This is a type of hard iron that comes with a low amount of carbon content. It is comprised of filaments to give it a \"grain\" with its appearance. It is used as the branches in some chandeliers.

What are the different styles that these chandeliers come in?

  • Contemporary: Contemporary designs are ones that are notable for their simplistic shapes wherein the lines are clean and boxy while the colors are bright.
  • Rustic: This style that is available with certain Restoration Hardware chandeliers is meant to emulate a natural look, which means that the fixtures make use of faded metal and wood as well as brown colors.
  • Traditional: This is a type of antique style that primarily uses bright colors and symmetrical lines. These candelabra fixtures can have curves but come with simplistic designs.
  • Industrial: This is an aesthetic style that makes use of neutral colors such as white, black, and silver. These fixtures mainly consist of wood and metal surfaces.

What are the types of chandeliers and ceiling fixtures available?

The vast majority of these lighting fixtures classify as chandeliers, which is a type of decorative hanging light that comes with a variety of separate layers and branches that many light bulbs or candles can be situated on. The chandeliers come in a wide array of different designs. These ceiling fixtures also include pendant lights, which is a type of singular light fixture that hangs from the ceiling via a metal, cord, or chain rod. A flush mount is a type of light that attaches to the ceiling without any gap between the light fixture and the ceiling itself. Some of these flush mounts are referred to as semi-flush mounts, which is a light that attaches to the ceiling with a stem and has a small gap between the light and ceiling.