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What You Need To Know Before Buying Rode NT1A Microphones

Rode Pro audio microphones offer quality recording ability for speech and instrumental audio. The Rode NT1A microphone can act as a microphone for television, radio and music recording without the need for complicated equipment. Choose from a variety of additional features that add to the quality of the recording sound such as dust covers, pop shields, and shockproof stands.

Features of the Rode NT1A microphone

Features of the Rode NT1A microphone include everything you need to set up a professional recording studio right in your home or business. You can produce high-quality sound using professional-grade condensed microphones, covers to eliminate popping, and stands that absorb shock. Some of the other features include the following:

  • Internal shock mount: This is used to house the microphone to eliminate the need to hold it in your hand. The shock mount is used to absorb shock and vibration that may interrupt recording quality.
  • Frequency amount: These microphones have a frequency amount between 20-20000Hz and 80Hz.
  • Pop shield: This circular shield is provided to diminish or eliminate popping noises caused by fast moving air that hits the microphone when talking or speaking.
  • Dust cover: This cover keeps the Rode NT1A safe from dust and dirt in between recording sessions.
  • Wired connectivity: To ensures you record quality sound and music, the Rode NT1A microphone includes a long cord, up to 20 feet, in which to connect your microphone to the desired recording device.
Primary uses of Rode NT1A audio microphones

Rode NT1A microphones are used by individuals and professionals to record audio and music. You can record audiobooks, podcasts, and instrumental or vocal music while using this microphone. The features ensure clear, quality sound so you won't have to deal with crackling or popping while recording or during playback.

What types of Rode NT1A microphones are there?

Rode NT1A microphones can be used for various professions and hobbies such as radio, television, and record production. Choose from the microphones below to guide you to your decision:

  • Wireless: Never have to worry about a cord getting tangled while in a recording session.
  • Corded: Corded version provide for ease of connectivity.
  • Shotgun: This is a thin microphone that is usually covered with a microphone cover designed for professional film, video, television and production.
  • Broadcast: These are strictly designed for radio broadcasting over a radio station. They diminish static and are made for speech audio. These microphones are slim and lightweight and are designed to sit atop a camera or a boom mic stick.
  • New or Used: These Rode microphones are available both new and gently used on eBay. Used items are typically just as good as new models you can find; they just cost a bit less. This can help if you need to abide by a strict budget.