What You Need to Know About SATO Label Printers

Whether you simply mail a lot of packages from home or need to send out items for your business, a SATO label printer can save you a lot of trips to the post office. From smaller mobile printers to large, office-sized machines, a label printer offers a variety of applications for youre personal and work needs.

Are these labels recognized by the USPS for shipping?

A SATO label printer has the ability to print a wide variety of labels, including shipping labels that contain a barcode. If you have used the USPS website to calculate your shipping, you will be given the option to print a label directly from its website. When your SATO label printer is connected to your PC, you can then easily print these labels and apply them directly to the package you wish to ship. These machines allow you to print an actual sticky label instead of printing on plain paper and then having to tape or glue your label to your package.

How do you connect the SATO printer to your PC?

Most models will allow you to connect via Ethernet, USB cable, or wireless router. Before purchasing your desired SATO label printer, you may want to double check that your PC is compatible with it so that you can enjoy a seamless printing experience.

What is a thermal label printer?

A thermal transfer does not require the use of a ribbon. Instead, the letters, numbers, and barcodes are created by melting wax or ink onto paper or tape. A thermal transfer is less likely to smear, making this method useful for printing things such as barcodes that need to be read by an electric scanner. Thermal-printed labels are also durable and resistant to fading.

For non-thermal printers, how do you choose a ribbon?

The type you use will depend on the quality you need. For instance, printing products at home for yourself will require a lower print quality than printing off labels to use for shipping items for your business. There are three basic options for ribbons:

  • Wax: Shipping labels or other labels that do not need to last indefinitely
  • Wax and resin: Labels for bin organization or other items that need to remain affixed for a longer period
  • Resin: Permanent labels such as on chemical drums or circuit boards that are very durable
Does SATO make RFID printers?

An RFID tag, or a smart label, uses advanced technology for identification and tracking purposes. These can be in the form of a barcode or some other scannable code. RFID tags are less likely to be compromised than a normal tag. SATO makes a variety of RFID compatible devices.