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Questions About the SD Cell Phone Memory Cards

A secure digital (SD) memory card is used to increase the available storage on your cell phone. You can store files such as apps, music, videos, and photos on an SD card micro installed on your phone. eBay carries a wide variety of affordable SD cell phone memory cards, which makes finding the right one for your phone easy.

Does the speed affect the SD card price?

The greater the speed--meaning the quicker the data is read and written to and from the card--the higher the card price. The Class 4, which reads and writes data at four megabytes per second, is cheaper than the Class 10 SD card of the same size. The Speed Classes are C2, C4, C6, and C10.

UHS-I and UHS-II are new speed class cards for sale. UHS stands for Ultra High Speed. These SD card prices are more expensive. The UHS cards were introduced for recording videos that are high-resolution.

Video Speed Class (V6, V10, V30, V60, and V90) are also new speed classes. Their capture rates are 60 megabytes per second and 90 megabytes per second. They record videos faster than the other speed classes.

If speed is important to you, the more expensive card is worth it. You can shoot burst photos. In addition, you can transfer photos quickly from your cell phone to your desktop computer. If capacity is more important to you, you can store double the amount of data for a cheaper SD card price.

How many photos can you store on an SD card?

You can store thousands of photos on your card. It depends on the size of your photo files and the size of the card. A 6.6 megabytes sized photo can fill the following cards as follows:

  • SD card 16GB (gigabytes) will store 2,080 photos
  • SD card 32GB (gigabytes) will store 4,161 photos
  • SD card 64GB (gigabytes) will store 8,322 photos
  • SD card 128GB (gigabytes) will store 16,644 photos
How do you make the SD card the \"internal storage?\"

It is by default that your photos, videos, music and other files are stored on your internal phone storage. To change this, you must point to your SD card. You must start with a new, blank SD card. You need to follow these instructions:

  • One - Select u001asettingsu001a on your cell phone.
  • Two - Select u001astorageu001a and then select \"SD card.\"
  • Three - Hit the three-dot menu (u001a) at the top right corner and then select u001asettings.u001a
  • Four - Select u001aformat as internalu001a and then select u001aerase & format.u001a
  • Five - Restart your cell phone.