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SODIMM Memory Upgrades for Your Laptop

When your laptop is in need of an upgrade but you are not quite ready to spend the money on a new device, a crucial laptop memory upgrade can speed things up and prolong its life. SODIMM memory is the type made for a laptop, tablet, or other small form-factor device. 

What Does DDR3 Mean?

DDR3 stands for Double Data Rate Type 3. It is a type of SDRAM, or memory, for computers. DDR3 chips were the standard from 2007, and the newer DDR4 was released in 2014. When checking your laptop's needs, make sure to take note of extra letters, such as DDR3L. The L in this designation indicates that the chip is low-voltage.

  • DDR Generations: DDR SDRAM has gone through at least four different generations: They are DDR, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4. The differences in these has to do with the performance of the memory module. That is, each generation is faster and can deal with higher powered processors.
  • CompatibilityDDR3 SDRAM are not compatible with other generations. This is important, because when you are looking to upgrade laptop memory, you need to make sure you have the appropriate SO-DIMM SDRAM. In addition to being electronically incompatible, DDR3 is 204-pin while other generations have different numbers of pins. They are also configured differently so you cannot squeeze the wrong SODIMM on the motherboard.

How Many GB Do You Need?

Some people err on the side of "never too much" when it comes to choosing the number of GB for their SODIMM module. While this is not a bad idea, it does depend on your budget. An 8 GB DDR3 module can be enough for many purposes. 

  • Minimum GB: DDR3 SODIMM is available in 2 GB to 32 GB. 8 GB is typically enough to run a gaming machine or other internet and office program use. Greater than 8 GB is important for video editing or other data-intensive requirements. 
  • GB Kit: If you are looking for brand name RAM, you may want to consider a kit. There is no particular benefit to a RAM kit except you may find it to be less expensive than purchasing sticks separately.

How Do You Decide on RAM Speed?

While faster is better, the MHz capacity of the CPU does impact how fast you want your DDR3 SODIMM sticks to be.

  • Slower MHz: DDR3-1600 would be on the slow end of the spectrum. Generally, if your machine can handle DDR3-2400 and you only put 1600 MHz sticks in it, you are limiting the speed that the laptop can handle memory.
  • Fast Speeds: On the other hand, DDR3-3200 is a much higher speed RAM. However, if your CPU does not handle more than say 2400 MHz memory, it will not go faster than that. In other words, it makes sense to check your CPU capacity before purchasing a new DDR3 SODIMM module to ensure you don't spend more money than you need to.