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Go Above and Beyond Boundaries in Salomon Shoes for Men

Salomon Shoes

Founded in 1947 in the French Alps, Salomon would begin as a saw blade and ski edge manufacturer. However, with the ever-expanding ski industry in its location, the company decided to shift focus to mostly skiing equipment. Ski boots were the first of the footwear designed by Salomon in 1979. Skis would come in the late 1980s and snowboards even later. In more recent years, the company whose name became synonymous with everything ski would delve into the realm of the fashion industry.

What style components do Salomon shoes for men have?

These mens outdoor athletic shoes feature a rugged mountain style that is trendy but and functional. Most shoes and boots feature thick, strategically-placed lugged soles for gripping a variety of surfaces. The three-mountain Salomon logo is visible on the sides of many of these mens sneakers. Some boots and sneakers have slip-on sock-like closures, while others feature zippers or a one-pull lacing system. Uppers are made of mesh, leather, or GORE-TEX waterproof materials for clean, stylish lines.

Salomon Shoes

What types of Salomon shoes for men are available?

There is a large selection of outdoor-oriented shoes from which to choose. There are GORE-TEX backpacking shoes for men that offer waterproof uppers and lugged soles for traction on slippery mountain terrain. You can find tactical boots and general sports shoes for men as well. Additionally, you can find road running shoes, casual shoes, winter boots, water shoes, and sandals for men.

Salomon Shoes

What technical components do Salomon shoes for men have?

There are a variety of technical features on each of the shoe models available. ContraGrip MA is one of the most widely available features on these mens shoes. It is a rubber compound used for soles that adapt to a variety of surfaces, whether loose, hard, dry, or wet. Additional features you may find on different shoe models include:

  • Energy-saving polyurethane midsole for comfort over long distances
  • Anti-debris mesh uppers are breathable but do not allow dirt to accumulate inside the shoe
  • Cushioned ankle support for stability
  • Protective toe caps
  • ClimaSalomon bootie that is weatherproof
  • NASA technology Aerotherm Aerogel maintains warmth in cold environments
Salomon Shoes

What colors are available when you purchase Salomon shoes for men?

There is a range of colors available, but most tend to be tan, brown, gray, or black. This makes sense considering their main purpose is to be an outdoor adventure shoe. Occassionally, you can find some brighter colors like red, blue, and yellow on different shoe models.

Salomon Shoes

Salomon S/LAB ULTRA 3 vs. Salomon

Generations 3 1 1
Closure Quicklace system Regular laces Regular laces
Weight 290g 310g 330g
Upper Materials Anti-debris mesh GORE-TEX mesh Welded Nylon RipStop fabric upper
Activity Trail running Hiking Casual, hiking

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