Samsung Galaxy Note9

Samsung Galaxy Note9



Display Size
6.4 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
August 9, 2018
201 g (7.09 oz)
15W fast wireless charging

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Everything You Need to Know About the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Smartphones aren't all the same, with features that vary widely between models. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for sale manages to incorporate impressive technology at an affordable price. For example, the S Pen stylus offers control when writing on the screen, and it can also be used as a remote to take photos and work with some apps.

The Note 9 has been out for several years, but there's plenty of life left in it yet. We'll answer some of your questions and provide background to help determine if this is the right phone for you.

How Long Does the Note 9's Battery Last?

The Galaxy Note 9 has a longer-lasting battery than previous models. You should be able to use your phone all day and all night without draining the battery on this smartphone. It can be charged with a cord or wirelessly.

How Does the Screen on the Note 9 Compare to Older Models?

The screen is 6.4 inches, which is larger than the previous Note phones, but still small enough to be a comfortable fit in your hand.

How Much Storage Is Available?

You can choose between 128GB or 512GB (see the manufacturer's site for details), but even the smaller storage option offers a lot of space. That's good news for your photos, videos, games, and other apps.

Other Specs

The Note 9 has many compelling features, including:

  • Bluetooth, 3G, and 4G capability
  • 12MP wide-angle and telephoto rear cameras and 8MP front-facing camera
  • 4K video recording

Shopping for a Certified Refurbished Samsung Galaxy Note 9

eBay Refurbished phones are offered by select sellers and come with benefits you don't often find in a pre-owned device. First, your Note 9, accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging will arrive in like-new condition. That means you enjoy the same performance as someone who bought new, often at significant savings.

You get a two-year warranty and have 30 days to return or exchange the phone from the date you receive it. eBay monitors the customer service metrics of sellers so you can shop with confidence.

Content provided for informational purposes only. eBay is not affiliated with or endorsed by Samsung.

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de keitskapinsk0January 23, 2019

    Very impressive features. Currently, best phone.

    Great phone. Very impressive features. You can have 2 audio sources less one person plugged into headphones and maybe another person connected with bluetooth headphones and both people can be listening to different music. S-Pen is super useful. I like being able to draw a box around some text, even if text is actually part of a graphic image, then have the OCR convert it to real text and place it on the clipboard for easy pasting into another app. Easy to use 2 apps at once in window/split screen mode due to the very large display. Makes me way more productive. Connect a USB-C to HDMI cable and it goes into Dex mode and acts like a real computer with real desktop experience just like Microsoft Windows. Plus, can still use the phone as a phone while it's also acting like a real computer attached to TV or computer monitor. Or use the phone itself as the touchpad mouse and keyboard. That's really impressive. So much more. Currently, the best, most powerful phone out there. But probably not for too much longer (at least until the Note 10). I would give this phone 10 stars if I could. Nice long battery life too with it's 4000 mA battery. Can go days without charging if I wanted to. Beautiful screen, great camera, so much greatness in one device. Looking forward to Android Pie and Samsung UI One on it for even more features, which should be getting the update any day now (hopefully).

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  • de ace_noveltyscDecember 02, 2019

    I love this phone.

    The best parts so far have been the bluetooth S spen, which allows you to operate certain functions without touching the pen to the phone, and the GREAT battery life. I'm always taking pictures, surfing the internet, and playing games on my phone, this is the first one in years that has been able to keep up. The glass is super delicate, if you want it to last, get a quality screen protector and case and put them on IMMEDIATELY. There are a LOT of cool little features, so if you're buying secondhand, check the web or order a booklet. It's worth it. I love the detail I'm able to achieve when editing photos because of the S Pen. Also, the phone alerts you if it seems like you forgot your S Pen somewhere!!

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  • de taareeqDecember 11, 2020

    Great Phone.

    I purchased the phone based on its productivity value. 512 gb of memory makes that I do not face issues of running out of space. I use the s pen to edit documents on the go. The camera is powerful. Note 9 got the UI 2.5 update with wireless dex to give a desktop experience. And added to that, the exterior is flawless and beautiful. The only downside as a note 4 user is the absence of the removable battery which can be very helpful in certain situations. But overall, the phone is great and comes at a very competitive price if you do not want to spend outrageous amount on the newer notes for almost the same capacities if not lesser in certain cases.

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  • de vcq_consultingJanuary 05, 2021

    Excellent Mobile Phone

    I luv the size of the phone (6.4") and the weight of it. The screen is very clear, the pen works fantastic, and the speed and sound are phenomenal. The battery has great longevity even when running several apps simultaneously and for long periods of time. Charging takes place quickly and it can even be charged using a wireless charger - though this takes inordinately more time and you cannot charge the phone wirelessly if your phone case has a metal or magnetized disc on it for mounting.

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  • de maclegendMay 02, 2020

    My Galaxy Note 9

    Galaxy Note 9 great phone, with great speed and build quality. very nice camera and video. Thge S-pen is covient and easy to use to write notes on the go. No more looking for a sticky or peice of paper to write on. The phone also handels video games with ease. Wifi performance is super fast. Cons: None. This is the nicest phone ever. Still a great phone. All around performance and great looks. Feels great on your hand.

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  • de dinataledNovember 21, 2018


    A little big for me, the battery from 1230pm to 730pm started at 100% went to 48%. My husband had a samsung edge his battery lasted almost 1 1/2 days . Screens pop up and say this app is draining the battery it needs to go to sleep but the screen goes away i dont now how to get that screen back so the battery will last. I love the pen much easier then pressing on the keys.

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  • de mca6465-rhba1yDecember 04, 2018

    Best phone in the market

    Great phone, quick response. Good size and handling; good new features, the camera is in my opinion one of the best. The screen is excellent, very sharp. The battery after 12 has of light use; checking mail and texts a few times, 2 phone calls, going into the web about 3 times for 5 minutes each time aproximately, etc., still has 70% of juice. Happy with this product.

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  • de yellowpearlzOctober 17, 2018

    Awesome phone. Awesome can Greta

    The Note 9 is sleek, powerful and packed with features. I've had the Note 3, Note 5 and still have a Note 8 (in Blossom Pink!) and the Note 9 is definitely the best of the bunch. 512gb of storage trounces on the 64gb I had in the 5 and the 8, and the camera is truly amazing. My only complaint... it doesn't come in pink. Haha.

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  • de fuss.oneApril 28, 2019

    Awesome phone, best I've owned by far.

    This is an awesome phone. Big and heavy but awesome and if you are looking at buying this phone you know this in advance. The power and battery life on this is great. I use an iPhone for work but Android is my favorite hands down for the flexibility you get in the OS. Samsung keeps upping their game. I def. recommend this phone.

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  • de hukmaiMay 20, 2019

    Proven tech

    -battery life is fantastic usually ending with 50%-40% ( medium to high usage) -snappy; carbon fiber water cooling works wonders -quickish updates -micro SD card expansion -decent DAC for headphone sounds quality -the pen works really well -con- -pen is small -screen is pretty dim - large,finesse the phone in skinny Jean's

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