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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Smartphones

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a smartphone with touch unlocking technology available in a variety of shades. The Samsung phone is capable of basic talking and messaging along with accommodating various applications. Security technology keeps the device safe from unwanted intrusion.

How big is an S7 Edge?

The S7 Edge is 150.9 millimeters tall by 72.6 millimeters wide by 7.7 millimeters deep. It can be covered with a case and still be able to fit inside a pocket or purse.

What colors does the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge come in?

The Galaxy S7 Edge comes in blue coral, a bluish gray metallic hue. It is also available in gold platinum, black onyx, silver titanium, white pearl, and pink gold. Black and white offer classic options, while gold, silver, and rose gold provide sparkly alternatives.

How much storage does the smartphone have?

The Android smartphone features 32GB of storage, which means room for all sorts of data. Text messages, voicemails, videos, pictures, apps, and music can all be stored on the Samsung. It can also accept MicroSD cards up with up to 200GB. The slot where you place the MicroSD card is the same one you put your SIM card in. For this reason, it would be wise to switch your phone off before inserting.

What is Samsung KNOX technology?

Samsung KNOX is a security feature included on the device that allows the user to differentiate between files, apps, and information. The technology allows the user to label what is and isnt secure to ensure that personal information is kept safe.

How do you unlock the Galaxy S7 Edge?

You can unlock the Samsung with a one-touch fingerprint sensor. Fingerprints are programmed into the smartphone by the user after purchase. Rather than punching in a pass code or number combination, the user can put their finger on the designated spot to access their Samsung. The fingerprint sensor is at the bottom of the phones front and looks like a rounded rectangle.

Can the Galaxy S7 Edge take screenshots?

Yes, it can. First, access the screen you would like to take a picture of on the display. Ensure that any important details are visible. Next, hold down the home button and the power button simultaneously. The screen on the Samsung will flash to let you know that a screenshot has been captured. Typically, screenshots are automatically added to the photos application.

More Samsung Galaxy Edge Models

While the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge was the last of these distinctive phones to receive the \"Edge\" monicker, the wrap-around screen and other features beloved by fans the world over continued in the S8 and S8+ models, revealing that these had become the standards for the line moving forward, rather than a special exception. New in 2018, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ continue this tradition, with smartphones, accessories and cases available at eBay.

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