Samsung Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy S7



Display Size
5.1 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
March 11, 2016
152 g (5.36 oz)
15W fast wireless charging

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de martygoodmanSeptember 03, 2019

    Samsung S7: A decent older model of high end mobile phone

    This S7 is an older model Samsung flagship mobile phone, which I upgraded to from a much much still older model (the S4). At the time I bought it the current equivalent model is the Samsung S10e. The S4, S7 and S10e are the same modest size, smaller than the much larger more popular form factors being sold today. As a many many years long happy user of the S4, I generally like the S7 I just switched to. The pros: Nice clear display, 32 GB (twice that of the S4) of internal system board storage, and a more recent Android version (ver 8 as opposed to ver 5) that is compatible with most current app software. The cons: Unfortunately the greedy, cynical phone making companies ... including Samsung... now have all followed the lead of the vermin at Apple, and no longer make high end phones which allow the user to easily remove, replace, or upgrade with a higher capacity battery. Additionally this means that in some cases of software crashes you have to take your phone to a repair shop and pay LOTS of money, where before with the S4 it took me under 30 seconds to (without using any tools!) open up the phone, pop out then in the battery, and get it thus to do a full cold reboot and wake up up working just fine. The rationalization given for this universal cynical strategy of enforced obsolescence is that it allows the phone maker to make the phone more water proof. But an honest company would give users a choice of a high end phone optimized EITHER for extreme waterproofing OR for easy end user battery replacement. I've never had my phone compromised by immersion in water in 6 years of use, so do not care about extreme waterproofing, but do care a lot about getting access to the battery.

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  • de webmenowSeptember 15, 2017

    Takes great pictures

    I like the color purchased (gold) and I bought a clear gold sparkly case. All phones are expensive, so I think it's a good value. The pictures are clear & sharp. The editing software is not bad. Did I say it takes great pictures? Battery life could be better. With constant use you'll need to charge twice a day. I purchased a fast charger so that isn't too much of a problem. One negative for me is Samsung did not equip it with IR frequency so I am not able to use the phone as a universal remote. Real bummer. Had I known that I probably would have reconsidered this model. Not sure but I believe that's the reason my car app doesn't work and I misplaced the remote to a Samsung sound bar, so I'm not able to use my phone to control it. My previous phone was an older Samsung Galaxy model that could do both. If you intend to use your phone in that capacity be aware! Lastly, the sound quality is mediocre on speaker. Generally I'm told my voice is breaking up. When I use an earpiece the voice is clear. So it could be a problem of background noise interfering. Not sure. One last thing. It does take GREAT pictures.

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  • de sjohnson_ny2010September 14, 2016

    All around great phone! Front camera is just okay...

    Coming from an LG G4, this is a great phone. I had the S3 when it came out and the updates are crazy! Screen size is good, It's fast, lightweight, expandable memory, waterproof, SUPER fast charging (my phone fully charges in 1hr 15min or so with the samsung usb cable) etc... I don't have any complaints except for the front camera. I expected a better front camera on the S7. It's 5 megapixels but the camera makes you look cartoonish or painted with some sort of filter even WITHOUT beauty mode. It gives you this painted look without showing clear details which I find annoying. I googled this issue and it seems to be a popular disadvantage to the phone. Although I did find that it takes the best pictures outside or in well lit areas. My LG G4 had an 8 mp front camera that would blow this S7 out of the water. It's definitely not a terrible camera, but to be on the s7 they could've done so much better. Overall, the phone is impeccable. I highly recommend it, definitely worth every penny! (I recommend going to a phone store and playing around with the phone in person to see if its a fit for you before purchasing!)

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  • de jusvabri0May 31, 2019

    Works great Slow Motion STUTTERS sometimes even when set to internal storage.

    Bought this phone, was instantly hooked. I have only two problems with it. #1 Sometimes the slow motion stutters even when set to internal storage (why a star was subtracted). #2 The battery life is a little shorter than I expected, but that's only because I previously owned a galaxy j3 luna pro where I could use it for almost 2 days before I needed to recharge it, but it makes up for its battery life by how quickly it charges. I haven't had the change to by a wireless charger for it, but I was able to test the wireless charging on a wireless mobile charger in a store. (It worked even through the charger was still in its packaging #fail on the charger). The phone it self is very fast although it does get a little hot after a while. My favorite feature of all is the 1440p o-led display. I never had a o-led screen before and i was blown away. (for the ten people who do not know, on a o-led screen black is actually black not a dark color like lcd screens).

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  • de shendriccoOctober 05, 2017

    Very Nice Phone

    So far, this S7 has been very nice. It's very fast, even on power saver where the cpu is limited to 70% of its capacity. I work from home, and unless I'm out, the phone usually is on wifi, which has been working great. I don't do a lot of streaming, I usually keep the screen on about 50% brightness, and I usually leave GPS and Bluetooth off. While transferring everything over from my old S3 and going through all the settings and making some tweaks, the battery was lasting pretty much all day with maybe 20-25% left when I went to bed. After getting it all set up so it's idle for a fair portion of the day, I'm only charging it every 2-3 days, which works for me. The in depth review I read on phonescoop said he worked it to death gaming, streaming, GPS and Bluetooth always on, and his still had 15-20% left at end of day. I can't see mine doing that well, but perhaps after a few full discharge/recharge cycles, it'll improve. Overall it's a phone I'd recommend to anyone.

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  • de ihopeirememberthisidJuly 01, 2017

    lightweight with a great screen. easy to understand and a lot of memory.

    Water proof and tested. This is probably the best phone I have ever owned. I am not a n Apple person and this phone fits me perfectly. It's thin and slender and is capable of doing everything I need it to, for work and for my social life. It easily transferred a lot of information from my old phone though my accounts that I linked (Google, Samsung, hotmail, etc). It has a health monitoring app for my workouts and it i easy to type one handed when needed. Highly recommend. The camera works well in a lot of lighting. The front facing camera is pretty good in good lighting but the front flash is not super helpful and sometimes the front camera can be a little grainy. But overall, a great product for anyone looking for a serious yet cheaper professional phone.

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  • de coolluminati16March 22, 2018

    A good phone with good upgrades.

    The major issue with the Samsung Galaxy S5 was the battery life and that has been improved. It now goes into a kind of sleeper mode when the screen is off. It also has built in power saver modes. The camera is excellent and so are the graphics. The screen resolution is slimly different than the S5 ( I just ignore the S6 because all they changed was the camera). It's an excellent phone with good accessories and features. 32 GB of internal memory and space to expand it with an SD card. If you have an S5, you will need a new sim card as this one uses a different size. I give it 4/5. Battery Life is better, but can still be improved.

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  • de livvysmommyOctober 25, 2017

    Long lasting battery with quick charge

    I had a Galaxy S4 before getting the S7 and this one is so much better. My battery lasts forever and when it does get low it recharges so fast. The camera is so amazing. Don't need a separate camera with this one. Love how the clock stays on the display if I want it to. Only thing bad I can find so far is the fact that the whole phone (front and back) is made of glass. I was so paranoid of cracking or scratching it that I didn't even use it till I had a case to put it in. I LOVE this phone!

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  • de teseraJanuary 05, 2019

    Galaxy S7 Android SMG-930T is GREAT!

    This phone is a gem. It is a masterpiece of Samsung. If you are looking to upgrade from an older version, skip your resarch and gift yourself this phone. I recommend it. This is a user friendly phone with some built in tutorials for the novice or experienced. Great camera too. ** This has a sd card slot for external memory up to 200+ gb, which is fabulous. *Not all phones in this series have that!! *The battery is built-in, you cannot swap it with a spare battery but if it does die out someday, it CAN be replaced at a dealer/repair shop.

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  • de ussjeffersSeptember 06, 2018

    Step up in technology for a more reasonable price than what Verizon wanred

    coming from a Note 4 to the S 7 is a significant improvement. Mostly it seems in availability to readily accept software up-dates. Android is still Android but the location of many of the functions is different and am still learning where they are located. Many numbers are now noted as spam & automatically blocked. Audio is good & calls go thru quickly. Software to transfer data was easy & worked as expected. Default language was Pacific Rim & couldn't reset to English till Verizon rep installed Sim card. Can't beat the price.

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