Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8



Display Size
5.8 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
April 24, 2017
155 g (5.47 oz)
15W fast wireless charging

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de barbra44barb44August 22, 2017

    I love this phone!

    I'm very happy I took the leap and bought the Samsung Galaxy S8! I had wanted the S8+, but now that I have the S8 I'm very happy with it. The screen is 5.8", which is big enough, but there are no bezels so the actual size of the overall phone is not huge. Makes it easier to put in my pocket and hold in one hand while typing. And as far as the 64 GB of storage, I'm not worried about it because it has an expandable SD card slot, so I can expand my storage another 256 GB! I was excited about the fingerprint scanner, but I actually use the bio-metric iris scanner. Once registered, all I have to do is look at the phone and it unlocks, and yes, it works every time and is super fast. It doesn't matter if it is sunny, or in my room at night in the dark, it works! Touch Wiz has been updated to something called "Samsung Experience" which is nice. The S8 updated itself right out of the box. Running Android 7.0 Nougat which is nice! The headphones that come with the phone seem very premium. I can't say enough about the rear camera. I also owned a phone with dual 13 mp rear facing cameras, that can't take a picture anywhere near as beautiful as the S8. The sensors and software that Samsung uses for their cameras' can't be beat! The super AMOLED display has ruined me for life. It is so beautiful! Fast charge is nice, but the my only gripe is the battery life. With very heavy use, I get about 6 hours with 15% left. If I'm having a busy day, and not on my phone constantly, it will get me from 8 am to 10 pm with 10-15% battery left. The glass back is beautiful, and so are the curved bezel-less edges, which makes the phone slippery, and fair warning, they crack and break very easily. I personally purchased a Rhino Shield bumper guard. You can still appreciate the beauty of the phone, it is barely noticeable, with military grade protection. Rest assured, it is worth every penny!

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  • de wkel8794October 06, 2018

    Good upgrade from the S7, but almost as fragile as an iPhone.

    I upgraded my older Galaxy S7 to the S8. I like the feature upgrades and additional functionalities that the S8 has added, along with the newer Andriod version that S8 supports. Battery life seems to be good. Took a little getting used to as the "Home" button is no longer a button, but a touch icon, and the figure print reader is on the back now. Before with the S7 I could unlock just by touching my thumb to the home button, but now I have to do a two-finger action. Just took a while to get the rhythm down. My only negative feedback is the S8 is FRAGILE! Almost as bad as an iPhone! It slipped from my hand and fell about 1 foot, and shattered the screen. I've dropped my S7 from 3-4 feet onto the same surface without a scratch. After doing some research, I found that the S8 has a reputation for being one of the most fragile Samsung. Don't know about the S9. I had even purchased a SlimArmour case and a StinkLight screen protector, just hadn't put it on yet as I had just had the phone a little more than 2 - 3 hours. It was $$ to repair. Overall, it's a good phone and an improvement over the S7. Get a good case and screen protector and put it on pronto to avoid additional costs.

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  • de hisceliAugust 23, 2017

    Great Phone!

    After having so many problems with LG phones, I decided to switch brands and find a new provider. This unlocked phone can work on any network. I just took mine to straight talk and got the bring your own phone activation kit, and was able to choose between any of the networks to set up my service. It works flawlessly so far! It comes with the necessary pieces to transfer photos, videos, contacts, emails, and more from your old device. It also came with a pair of headphones. I paired it with a ring case (a case with a built in rotating ring to relieve weight from the pinky) and it's the perfect fit for my small hands. The phone itself is amazing and has worked flawlessly so far. It has blue light filtering, one-handed mode, video enhancer, multi-window and more. The camera is stunning and it comes with tons of filter and stickers! I was able to re-download all of my old apps lightening fast on this new phone. After setting up the phone, downloading 30+ apps, using some apps, and tweaking the phone settings, I still have over half of the battery left. I would say this is the best phone purchase I have ever made, well worth the money.

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  • de granddeluxe100December 11, 2018

    Nice phone for casual user

    My husband bought the Galaxy S8 a couple weeks ago. This is a good phone. The display quality is nice. The phone is not very wide, so my husband gave it to me and bought the Galaxy note 8 which he really likes when he is texting. For me the width is not an issue while texting because I prefer smaller phones. The speaker is also noticably loud and clear. I recommend switching off the always on display if you don't need it because I think it drains the battery much faster and it seems unnecessary in my opinion. I don't use my phone for much other than phone calls, texting, watching YouTube, and browsing the internet.

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  • de freeagle83September 26, 2018

    Only phone out now that doesn't look like an iPhone clone

    Most other android phones look exactly like iPhones. The curved screen( and other things like camera placement)makes the s8 stand out. The finger print sensor has been the most useful new feature to me. Coming from a wider lg g3 it feels slightly small. It could just be I got use to reaching my thumb to get to the other side of the lg. If you plan on getting the s8 make sure to go to the store and hold it in your hand and compare it to the s8+. Find out which size is best for you before buying.

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  • de robert2010soccerJuly 10, 2018

    Great phone, small problem in the beginning with moisture alert but got it fixed and now works great!

    So the phone is great and I only have 1 complaint. After about a week of using the phone, i kept getting a "moisture alert" in the charging port. I tried everything possible to get rid of it on my own but no luck. I called Samsung and turns out the phone was still on warranty and I took it to a certified repair shop and got it replaced no charge. I was a little upset that the phone had a problem so early but it was simple to fix and the phone hasn't had an issue since!

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  • de tech-and-tiquesJanuary 24, 2018

    Cricket Samsung Galaxy S8.

    Coming from a LG flagship phone the LG v20 which I find to be very practical and regards to features they have unique features that are actually useful. However to my surprise Samsung his matched LG in almost every way and outperforms it on a whole nother level. I am very pleased with the quality , the speed ,the camera and overall performance! I'm continuously surprised with everything that this little phone has to offer I am very grateful for this piece of tech!

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  • de jwinohio1954May 24, 2017

    Galaxy S8

    I switched over from HTC 9 to the Galaxy S8. I'm liking the S8 because it is smaller easier to carry and won't get Zapped if it gets rained on. I thought me switching over from one brand to another would be difficult. It has not been Samsung is really simple to operate. Even for us senior citizens.

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  • de rebel333977August 01, 2018

    Wanted to wait..

    Wanted to wait a little bit to use the phone before I gave it a review and it's blown away my expectations it works beautifully and looks amazing, it was most definitely worth the cost for how great it's working and it's fast even for me already using most of it's storage GB with my apps and such.

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  • de rell2815November 14, 2018

    Superb smart phone at great price.

    New 2017 phone with excellent ratings from the experts like Consumer Report. Right size to carry in man's front pants pocket and one hand use. Great storage between internal and slot for flash drive card. Easy set up on my T-mobile network. Excellent value for top line smart mobile phone.

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