Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung Galaxy S8+



Display Size
6.2 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
April 24, 2017
173 g (6.10 oz)
15W fast wireless charging

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de jrsmith08June 11, 2018

    2nd year flagship

    I've had several smart phones over the last 5 years. Mainly BLU and Samsung brands. Went back to Samsung for the Ant+ feature and my Garmin watches. I've bought used flagship S4 and S5 Samsung models but they were unlocked from a carrier and this year I went ahead and bought the S8+ US version that is not tied to a carrier and no bloatware. So far is does not disappoint. I coming from a 2017 Samsung J7 and I went with the S8+ over the S8 simply because there wasn't that much of a difference in size between the J7 and S8+. The S8+ is a little longer but just a little short in width than the J7. I can still hold it in one and with my thumb on the the same hand hit most of the screen. The picture on the screen is great. You don't really notice the curved edges. No issues with hitting icons that are on the curve. Some of the little things that I like is that with my stereo it will read and link the volume to the phone with the stereo. So there is no turning up the stereo and realizing that the phone is turned down. It will turn up and down with the stereo, cool feature. I don't use the edge side screen yet. I'm sure I will, I've had the phone set up for about a week now and still playing with it. I also use the always on display that I haven't used with other phones in the past. Overall I'm very happy with the purchase and also bought my wife the S8. The only negative I have is the battery life. It has the same mAh is my J7 and can normally get me though an entire day with no issues. Needless to say the screen is much bigger more ppi and I'm using always on display with would cause lower battery life. For the most part though at the end of the day I still have about 40% or a little under and this is with moderate usage. Great phone for the price and the one I bought was used or open box. With I could have bought new but all I really wanted was something with no bloatware. This is the newest flagship phone I've ever bought and so far I'm very happy with it.

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  • de aahaa9August 21, 2018

    S8+ is the best Android phone in terms of value and functionality + it's fast & has great design!

    One of the best Android phone (if not the best) in terms of value and functionality only bested by Samsung Galaxy S9 & S9+ & Note but those latest versions are far more expensive so again for value S8 and S8+ have no peers. The form factor, design and everything about it is one notch over Googles own Pixel 2.

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  • de guanabacoa57November 12, 2019

    Samsung S8+ is really +++++

    I love this phone. I used to have a S2 long time ago I knew the samsung quality but this phone is above my expectations. The super screen colors, fast response, how you feel it on hand, battery life is really good. I bought it new on 2019 even is 2 years old technology to me is awesome.

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  • de monkey39July 17, 2017

    Great phone!

    Ordered this to replace my Nexus 6P and happy I did. Screen is beautiful, snappy response, and the move back to external memory expansion is great. The only thing I don't like is the placement of the fingerprint sensor, but it becomes more manageable with the installation of a case.

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  • de brbiker930October 16, 2017

    S8 Samsung

    If your Android user you will love this phone course all the Androids are wonderful but this phone's camera is superior and Bigsby works great only if you buy the T-Mobile version of the phone I found AT&T Sprint and Verizon phone's not to be as good

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  • de mikegrubenFebruary 19, 2018

    Better than Iphone

    Display and small size quantum leap from Iphone 7, Android OS is fast closing the gap with IOS, Iphone 7 CPU and camera are slightly better than the S8. Overall the Samsung easily wins the competition with Iphone. The Galaxie S9 is coming during February 2018.

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  • de turtlexc08June 06, 2018

    Great phone

    I love this phone! It has an amazing battery life, takes great pictures; to the point where my iPhone friend users ask me to take pictures for them with my S8. The phone operates quick and smooth, I love that you can add external memory.

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  • de johmcfe0July 03, 2018

    A beautiful phone

    The S8+ IS definitely a step up for Samsung. I'm glad I didn't spend extra on the S9, cause the S8+ IS a wonderful device. The camera is amazing and Samsung's processing for each photo is much better than before. An excellent device.

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  • de wandeguimarae-0June 08, 2017

    Great Smartphone

    I'm treating this cell phone as my baby. The processor is amazing, works with incredible speed. The battery has a long life and the system of maintenance of the device helps a lot. I am very satisfied with my Galaxy S8 +.

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  • de sashu-0January 10, 2018

    Love it!

    Bought for my boyfriend who goes through boost mobile. Worked without a problem! The staff at boost mobile were puzzled on how it was even possible. The store was great when replying to my concerns and questions.

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