Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9



Display Size
5.8 in
Camera Resolution
12.0 MP
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack
Release Date
March 9, 2018
163 g (5.75 oz)
15W fast wireless charging

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Samsung Galaxy S9: What to Know When Shopping

The Samsung Galaxy S9 showcases an array of features that make it an attractive option for both casual and power users. If you're in the market for asmartphone, it's worth your time to consider this model.

Always On Display

Unlike LCD displays, which require a backlight, AMOLED lights each pixel individually. This means that leaving most of the screen black does save power. With AOD technology, the Samsung S9 activates a low-power controller mode that gives the phone the ability to generate a simple image with minimal power usage.

The Camera

As cellphone cameras have revolutionized photography through a combination of performance and accessibility, each generation has taken a step forward, and the Samsung Galaxy S9 is no exception, with features such as:

  • Dual Aperture: The Galaxy S9 features a mechanically variable aperture that can shift between f/1.5 for low light and f/2.4 for bright light.
  • Sensor Accuracy: The 12MP rear camera gives you plenty of pixels to work your magic, and the 8MP front camera is great for video conferencing.
  • Optical Image Stabilization: Shaky hands are no problem with image stabilization to keep the picture steady even when you aren't.

Other Features and Specs

In addition to its high-resolutionSuper-AMOLED screen, the S9 offers many features for sale that make it stand out in its class:

  • Waterproof Shell: Taking advantage of its sealed-battery design, the Galaxy S9 can withstand submersion in several feet of water for up to half an hour, so you don't have to worry about dropping it in the tub or pool.
  • Redesigned Fingerprint Sensor: The fingerprint sensor now sits on the back, below the camera, for easy access.
  • Curved Screen: The S9 eliminates the appearance of side bezels thanks to its symmetrically curved screen.


All the features in the world don't matter unless they are implemented in a way that makes them useful in everyday life. Samsung features both the USB-C standard for data connection and charging and the ubiquitous 3.5mm headphone jack. The phone also includes fast and wireless charging hardware for those who need them. There is also a micro-SD slot for up to 256 GB of additional storage. The screen isn't just large; it's also ergonomic. With an 18.5:9 screen ratio, it offers a slim form factor so that the phone fits more easily in the hand.

Shopping Certified Refurbished Galaxy 9 Phones

eBay offers you many ways to shop, but one of the most interesting is purchasing Certified Refurbished products. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy S9, your phone, accessories, instruction manuals, and packaging are guaranteed to arrive in like-new condition. That means you enjoy the same quality and performance as someone buying new, often at a significantly lower price! Buyers get a two-year warranty and have 30 days to return or exchange the product from the time they receive it. Sellers are monitored to ensure they're hitting our customer service metrics, so you can shop with confidence.

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Long battery life
Small form factor
Good value
  • de bilal.siddiquiMay 21, 2019

    Galaxy line up keeps getting better

    What a great phone! I've been using Galaxy phones for last 6 years and every year its better than last. S9 is a big leap from S7 line in terms of overall stability and performance. It is a very smooth phone that can handle everything gracefully. Camera is a big change as well from S7 and S8 line up, the low light feature and overall picture depth is great. The new shape, starting from S8 is much better in my opinion. Removing the home button and making the screen stretch almost all of the face of the phone really makes it stand out. Its like holding a thin glass brick. For that reason, black is the color to go with since it will make it look incredibly sleek. On black, its hard to tell where the screen ends and body starts. Best of all, the android OS integration is done really well. Apps don't hang up or crash, transferring stuff from old phone to new one is a breeze...I don't think any other phone comes closer. You just put your S9 next to another galaxy and that its... some how it'll detect both phones and start the process to transfer apps, settings and data. Battery has kept up for the whole day even when I am playing Last Shelter game for 2-3 hours per day...thats a huge drain on battery. This phone does scratch very easily so invest in a good case AND screen protector. Because screen and body are seamless, its easy to scratch or crack both. You sacrifice the beautiful naked phone look but it won't last without protection.

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  • de kbakos2012June 11, 2020

    Samsung Galaxy s9+

    I decided to go with a Samsung Galaxy s9+ instead of the newer Samsung s10 series to save $$ - I know I made the right choice, I love the beautiful and clarity of the images produced on the screen and all the added memory space, overall I absolutely have no complaints. So if you are looking into get a newer, good quality phone, but can't afford a $700 & up price tag then I definitely recommend getting a Samsung Galaxy 9+

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  • de 304-jenniferAugust 20, 2021

    Not the latest but does what it's supposed to do..

    I never buy the latest and greatest, I just want something that works and I only replace phones when they become inoperable or cease holding a charge. I also don't want a huge screen, I like a pocket-size device. This one replaces a 3+ year old s7, that worked fine until it literally died it's very last day, when it literally went black. So far, so good with this s9, fast, sleek and does it's job...

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  • de joeklrpJanuary 08, 2019

    Smaller but mightier

    This is a great value! The S9 is lighter than my previous Galaxy J3 and the displays and pictures are much crisper. The battery life is long but seems to reduce faster than the J3. It is taking some time to learn some of the different features but it is a terrific upgrade.

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  • de kate504December 20, 2018

    Love my new Galaxy S9.

    Love almost everything about the new Galaxy S9 -- good camera, great screen resolution, good weight and size. Only thing I don't like is the curved edges. Have not found a screen protector to adhere and stay on the edges.

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  • de jet9ninerSeptember 10, 2019

    Great buy

    Love the phone so far not one of these new giant phones that you can't carry in your hand were slide in your pocket when needed easy to reach both sides of the screen with 1 hand

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  • de phild850October 22, 2018

    Fantastic phone with great capabilities and features!

    This phone has great graphics and is lightning fast. Battery life is fantastic! Samsung has done it again and improved on the previous models.

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  • de bend5390-wtljxkpJanuary 04, 2021

    Really great phone.

    Bought one for my partner for a gift and we so satisfied I bought a second one for myself. Great reception and battery life.

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  • de kevikrame_13September 17, 2019

    Love my S9

    Great phone, super long battery life, love the display, love that it's waterproof. Can't say enough good things about it.

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  • de mejia6362012July 02, 2018


    great phone I love it

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