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Frequently Asked Questions About Samsung Unlocked Smartphones

As one of the industry leaders in smartphone technology, Samsung offers 3G and 4G, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth connectivity. Android phones have HD touchscreens and a high-resolution camera and are available in various colors. They are among the premier smartphones on the market.

What types of Android smartphones does Samsung make?

Unlocked Samsung phones make numerous versions of their Android cell phones. These include the Galaxy Note 5 and Note 8, Galaxy 6 and 6 Edge, Galaxy 7 and 7 Edge, Galaxy 8, and Galaxy 9 and 9+. The brand adds new Galaxy models to the product constellation all the time.

Other more recent Android smartphones produced by Samsung include:

  1. Samsung Galaxy S Series: Flagship smartphones with premium features and specifications.
  2. Samsung Galaxy Note Series: This series is known for its large display and the inclusion of the S Pen stylus, targeting users who prioritize productivity.
  3. Samsung Galaxy A Series: Mid-range smartphones that balance performance and affordability.
  4. Samsung Galaxy M Series: Budget-friendly smartphones with competitive specifications.
  5. Samsung Galaxy Z Series: Foldable smartphones, such as the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, feature innovative folding displays.
  6. Samsung Galaxy XCover Series: Rugged smartphones designed for durability and resistance to harsh conditions, suitable for outdoor and industrial use.
  7. Samsung Galaxy F Series: Focused on providing powerful features, typically at a more affordable price point.

What is the difference between GSM and CDMA?

A GSM phone uses the Global System for Mobile Communications to receive and send phone calls. The other global standard for mobile communication is Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA). It relies on using a removable smart card called a Subscriber Information Module (SIM). The SIM card's portability allows you to transfer it from one unlocked handset to another.

What types of processors do smartphones use?

The advantage of having any Samsung unlocked phones is that you can use the same SIM card with different service providers. A GSM phone is helpful to people who:

  • Travel frequently outside the United States
  • Transfer a lot of data-intense information
  • Live in rural areas

This smartphone manufacturer uses one of five different Intel processors: dual-core, quad-core, hexa-core, quad + quad-core, and octa-core. A fast processor delivers speed, agility, and performance for better communications, improved battery life, and enhanced security. Whether you use your phone for business or entertainment, look for the phone with the fastest processor available in your price range.

Can you view your cell phone screen on your TV?

Viewing your smartphone on a larger television screen is called screen mirroring or screen casting. You should be able to use it on televisions marketed in 2013 or later. Depending on your phone's model, this method will be called Quick Connect, Smart View, or Screen Mirroring. You will find it in your phone's Settings menu. If your phone does not have this feature, you can still watch your screen on television using an HDMI cable.